Style Your Home For Summer with Cassidy Coutts

Cassidy Coutts sits on a cream sofa

Style Your Home For Summer with Cassidy Coutts

With warm summer nights ahead, spring is the perfect time to start planning your outdoor space. We sat down with lifestyle influencer and Dufresne style ambassador Cassidy Coutts (@brainsandbronzed) to find out what’s on her summer wish list and learn new ways to stay on trend this summer. Read on for home design tips and trends for the sunny days ahead.

Warm weather is almost here and we are planning for the sunny days ahead. What plans do you have on the horizon for your home this summer?

Last summer we moved in and were doing a lot of renovations so this is the first summer we will really get to enjoy our home. Renos are going well! We’ve finished our main projects, and now just have to wrap up the finishing touches like touching up our baseboards, and of course, adding more wall art and decor. I feel that part is evolving every season as I love to freshen up my space regularly!

A living room featuring a brown sofa, ottoman, and TV.

What are some keys to swapping décor for different seasons? What do you look for in colour, style and design for summer?

I like to keep a neutral base for my space and change the decor throughout the season to breathe new life into it! For summer, I love warm details like wood and rattan, with cool accents such as light blues and pale greens to bring some of the outdoors in.

We know we’ve had the opportunity to add Dufresne products to your basement. Which pieces did you pick and how do they fit into your space?

We picked the Bales Sectional for our basement as its modular design is the perfect fit for the space we use for entertaining or for a relaxing movie night! The moveable pieces allow us to create the perfect seating arrangement, no matter our purpose.

Cassidy Coutts reads a book in front of a brown sofa.
The corner of a brown sectional.

What are some tips you can offer for readers looking to create the ultimate space for entertaining friends and family this summer?

When entertaining, I think having multiple seating or standing arrangements is key! In our basement, we have our large Bales Sectional for those wanting to sprawl out, a games table with chairs for those gathering over a board game, and a bar for those just wanting to stand and visit. I’m actually still searching for the perfect bar stools!

You clearly have an eye for aesthetics. What style were you going for in each room?

Our living room is light and bright with the Charlotte Sectional and Monaco Area Rug, making for a peaceful space that we spend time in everyday.

Our basement living space is a little more bold with the warm rich tones of the Bales Sectional, with a home-y but still modern social vibe.

A cream coloured sectional in a bright living room.

Where do you go for inspiration when it comes to designing and decorating your home?

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram to be honest! There are SO many interior designers and design aficionados who share tips and tricks that I can take inspiration from. It’s handy to save them right on those platforms for future reference.

You’ve created multiple spaces in your home with entertainment in mind. What products from Dufresne are on your wish list for future additions to your entertainment spaces?

I’m still looking for the perfect bookcase/cabinet for our downstairs space! I want a unit to store games, books, and of course, some of my favourite decor pieces to elevate the aesthetic. I’ve been eyeing up the Belenberg Accent Cabinet and Balintmore Accent Cabinet.

Wish List Items:

Light brown storage cabinet with class doors window panes.
Dark brown storage cabinet with class doors window panes.

Spring and summer present the perfect opportunity to take the party outside. Do you have any plans to update your outdoor space this year?

This year, I’d really like to add small lights along our fence to give our patio space a warmer feel during the evening—mood lighting is always a good idea!

Let’s talk about large outdoor furniture. In a perfect world, what outdoor sofa, sectional, or patio set from Dufresne would you choose to add to your patio or outdoor space?

The one thing our patio is missing is a patio dining set. I really love the Beachcroft Collection 6 Piece Package as it’s classy but still has a wicker, outdoor feel. I also wouldn’t mind upgrading my current patio sectional to the matching Beachcroft Sectional. It looks so big and comfy!

Outdoor sectional and chair sits on a hexagon rug with  a  greenery-filled background.

Given your knack for style, what outdoor pillows, rugs, or outdoor décor would be atop your summer wish list this year? And why?

I love the neutral, natural tone of the Jasper Area Rug and the Outdoor DANSON Coffee Table because I love the neutral tones and textured materials for a patio look. Adding a couple of the Evonne Lanterns would really elevate your outdoor space and make for cozy evenings under the stars!

Wish List Items:

A tan rug fills a living room with grey furniture and green plants.
A collection of grey vases and magazines sit atop a wicker outdoor table.
A wicker lantern sits on a wooden ledge in front of a lake, A plate of lemon sits beside the latern.

I really lean towards boho style for outdoors! Light wood tones and wicker make for the perfect sense of zen which is what I aim for in my outdoor spaces!

From mood lighting to tasty snacks, can you offer our readers any advice on the best ways to set up your outdoor space for fun with friends?

Cozy throw blankets and pillows are an easy way to add personality to a patio or outdoor space, and also come in handy for cooler evenings! I am always cold, so I love to have throws on my patio furniture for my guests. I love when they do the same for me when I visit their homes!

You are an expert at capturing your favourite moments on camera. What’s your advice for taking great pictures of your favourite spaces?

The time of day has a big impact on the lighting! When shooting in my upstairs space, I like to aim for early-mid afternoon as that’s when the sun shines right through the windows. For outdoor patio shots, I prefer to wait until the evening when the sun isn’t so harsh and I can capture more of the soft, golden glow that lights up the sky.

Cassidy Coutts sits on a grey sectional with  pillows and a throw in a neutral tone.

With warm days approaching, what kind of fun do you have planned for summer?

I’m a big fan of our Manitoba summers, so I love travelling around the province and enjoying weekends at Falcon Lake. I hope to spend my summer weeknights barbequing and having cocktails on our patio with family and friends!

Sunny Days Ahead

With everything you need to stay on trend this summer, now is the perfect time to start planning for the sunny days ahead. Follow in the footsteps of Dufresne style ambassador Cassidy Coutts (@brainsandbronzed) and create a wish list of your favourite outdoor items. For the ultimate spring and summer inspiration, check out our Sunny Days Ahead Collection.

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