How to Measure for your Space

Measuring your space for new furniture

It’s a common misconception that the first step to buying new furniture is scoping out the market and seeing what the trends are and what styles you like. Although it’s definitely a fun step in the furniture buying process, it’s best to start with measuring of your space. This ensures that you don’t absolutely fall in love with something that in the end doesn’t fit in the space you need it in. We’re here to guide you through the measuring process to make sure everything goes off without a hitch and you find that perfect piece of furniture.


Let’s start with your entries and hallways. You’ll need to measure the height, width, and diagonal width of each new entry and hallway your furniture will need to go through to get to its final destination. You can measure each doorway both with the door attached, and with it removed – should you wish to remove the door. Sometimes taking your door off the hinges adds a couple inches of space to play with. If your furniture is going in a smaller room, measure the entry clearance, or ensure you have the height to make up for any shortage of space.

How to measure doorways and hallways for new furniture


If your furniture will need to take a ride in an elevator, you’ll need to know the height, width, depth, and diagonal measurements. The diagonal measurements would be from the bottom center of the door, to the back center of the ceiling.


Should your furniture need to take a trip up the stairs, you will need to measure in 3 different spots.

  1. From the ceiling to the bottom step
  2. Any landings to the ceiling
  3. The top step to the ceiling

If the top of your stairway leads into a wall rather than an open space, you’ll need to measure the space from the wall to the top of the stairs.Note: Be sure to include any non-removeable lights, fixtures, or bannisters when you’re measuring.

Measure furniture to fit up stairs

Your furniture width must be less than your entryway height or clearance. The diagonal depth of your furniture must be less than your entryway width.From here, you should feel confident when shopping for your furniture, knowing that you’ll find and fall in love with a piece that will fit perfectly in your home.