Bright, eclectic, relaxed, carefree, comfortable – the list of things we love about the boho interior design trend could go on and on. Plus, a perfectly styled bohemian home always seems to feel just a stone’s throw away from a private beach, which is definitely something we can get onboard with.

If all this sounds great to you, here are some tips for mastering the boho look in your home:

To create an eclectic look that doesn’t feel cluttered and chaotic, start off with a neutral base. By keeping the walls, ceiling, and major furniture pieces simple, you’ll let the accent furniture and accessories shine. You don’t want all the elements of your boho space to be competing against each other, but rather to work together in a unique, interesting way.

To keep your space from looking too messy and unplanned, select a colour palette for your space and stick within it when choosing furniture and accessories. An easy way to do this is to pick a main colour for your space, and then accent with colours that fall on either side of your main colour on a colour wheel – like green and blue, or yellow and orange. Working within the same tonal family will help maintain a sense of calm throughout your interior.

Incorporating patterns into your space is one of the easiest ways to inject bohemian style. Mix and match patterns with different shapes and scales to achieve the vibrant yet easy going maximalism that is paramount to the trend. To make sure the final look is cohesive and not too chaotic, vary the size of the patterns you use – pair a large pattern with a smaller, more ornate one while sticking within the colour palette you’ve chosen.

Layering different textures is an easy way to add interest in any home, but it becomes especially important in creating a bohemian-inspired space. Cozy throws draped over your sofa, two rugs overlapping each other, and multiple throw pillows on the same loveseat really add warmth to your room while contributing to the laid back, eclectic vibe. Plus, these pieces give you another opportunity to play around with different patterns.

Artistic accessories add further interest to your space. A trademark of boho style is the mashup of unique finds that all work perfectly together. Look for bold pieces of art and other room accents that work within your colour scheme to keep your decor from crossing the line into overly busy – and make sure you throw in a sheepskin rug! The goal here is to look like you collected all these beautiful pieces while travelling around the world.