4 Patio Style Ideas in 2023

Three people stand and sit around a fire and outdoor chairs in conversation. Blurred in the background, a man plays with his dog in the summer sun.

4 Patio Style Ideas in 2023

Canadians know that warm weather is the secret to unlocking new and fresh styles. Whether it’s a fashionable summer outfit or bright and vibrant outdoor décor, sunny days pave the way for fresh patio styles to flourish in Canada.

Here are four summer patio styles to consider this year.

1. Modern Style

There is no better time to start than the present. Modern-style homes lean into crisp lines, neutral tones and open floor layouts—the same style can be brought to your outdoor space.

Here are a few ways to add a contemporary feel to your patio with furniture and décor.

Two slate grey chairs sit in on a grey concrete floor with an in-ground pool behind them.

Large Outdoor Seating in Neutral Tones

The base of a modern home design is neutral tones or monochrome colours. From cream to slate grey, including modern-coloured outdoor sofas and chairs in your patio design opens the door for vibrant accents or a cohesive modern palate.

Invest in Futuristic Patio Furniture

Modern style brings the future to the forefront. With new and evolving technology, sleek style is intertwined with cutting-edge patio products such as fire tables, patio heaters and more to create an elevated entertainment experience. Explore new ways to entertain without compromising on style with future-forward patio furniture.

A fire pit table sits on a grey concrete patio. A fire is burning in the middle of the table with bottles and glasses filled with orange juice and drinks. A plate of fruit also sits on the table.

two cream vases are perched on a window with the sun bouncing off them. Greenery emerges from the vase in front.

Add Décor with Interesting Texture

It’s not enough to simply see a great space with your own eyes—you need to feel it. While it’s always best to stick with the basics when buying large furniture, décor presents the opportunity for a touch of individualistic flare. Add décor with ridges, curves, or bumps that create a physical component to enjoying your outdoor space.

2. Outdoor Boho Style

Boho, or Bohemian, inspired styles are built on the foundation of nature and pops of eccentric colours. Infuse your outdoor space with shades of wood and wicker and add life to your patio with green plants or colourful décor.

Here are a few tips to add a more bohemian aesthetic to your home.

Two light brown coloured chairs that resemble wood or branches surround a small outdoor side table with a similar theme. On the table is a black vase with light brown branches emerging from the opening. The background is a concrete patio with shrubbery emerging from the wall.

Add Nature with Boho Furniture

Boho style brings a free-spirited and natural vibe to your space that makes welcoming guests a breeze. Start with somewhere for them to sit by searching for outdoor sofas and patio sets featuring wicker or wood designs.

Tie the Space Together with Boho Outdoor Rugs

We’ll let you in on a little secret—outdoor rugs are the ultimate glue to tie a patio, deck or front porch together. While it can’t be the first thing that you buy, your rug should play into the colours, patterns and textures that surround it.  

Boho outdoor rugs usually fall into one of two categories:

  • Simple: these rugs are brown, tan or light green with clean lines or minimal patterns. Chose this style if your large furniture features vibrant colours or eye-catching patterns.
  • Eccentric: these rugs feature bold colours and layered patterns. Chose this style if your large furniture is simple or if the room lacks a focal point.
a tan coloured rug with clean and crisp stitching and linework.
A rug featuring a cascading diamond pattern in light blue to yellow.

A wooden lantern sits on a ledge overlooking a lake. In front of the lantern is three lemons sitting on s stack of three plates.

Add a Touch of Style with Boho Outdoor Décor

Outdoor design is more than just finding the best spot for your potted flowers—it’s a chance to add a personal touch of style to your space. Just like your choice of rug, lean into the design of the room when choosing what fits. From wooden lanterns to boho outdoor pillows, you can combine your style with nature and biophilic design to create an outdoor space that’s unique to you.

3. Vintage Cottage Core Style

If you have ever worn clothing that was popular when your parents were young, they probably said something along the lines of “Wow, styles never change, eh?”—furniture is no different. Vintage cottage core brings floral patterns, rustic décor and practical comfort back into style.

Here are a few ways to bring fond memories and generational comfort to your outdoor space.

Prioritize Comfort for Key Outdoor Seating

You have to give it to older generations, they cared about comfort. Remember your grandparent’s ugly floral sofa? Regardless of its lack of visual appeal, sitting on that couch felt like climbing into a cloud—that comfort is making its way back to outdoor furniture. From swaying outdoor loveseats to plush cushions, comfort should be top of mind when selecting patio sets and furniture.

A woven wicker outdoor loveseat sits on patio in front of a wall of greenery. Two grey cushions support two orange floral outdoor pillows on either side of the sofa.

A wooden rocking chairs sits on a front porch in the summer sun.

Find the Ultimate Front Porch Chair

The vintage cottage core style allows nostalgia to thrive in your outdoor space. Take full advantage of hot summer days by adding a signature chair to your front porch. The Outdoor Emani Rocking Chair combines a classic design with eucalyptus wood to create a relaxing experience like no other.

Decorate with Rustic Home Accents

Vintage cottage core brings newfound love to old styles. Featuring faded metal and wireframe designs, you can transport your guests to a different era with carefully selected décor. Use side tables and outside walls as a canvas for new and fresh additions to your patio.

three scuffed metal milk jugs sit on a granite table.

4. Coastal Patio Style

Summer is a state of mind. Create an environment that places your feet in the metaphorical sand with a coastal-style patio. The coastal style utilizes solid colours and bright blue and white tones. Without the need for patterns, the colours and shades of white invite the sun into your outdoor space.

Here are three ways to incorporate coastal designs into your patio layout.

Two light blue and white chairs sit on a outdoor carpet in front of an infinity pool.

Dive into Ocean Blue Accents

Bring the beach to your backyard with touches of blue in your patio furniture. Whether it’s a patio set or a poolside lounger, bright ocean blue colours invite fun summer vibes to your outdoor space.

Bask in Bright White Patio Furniture

The sun reflects off white surfaces making it easier to bask in the summer sun. Invest in patio chairs that provide a cool and safe seating experience for you and your guests all summer long. The Outdoor Mandarin Cape Chairs with Table Set is the perfect mix of summer safe and stylish.

Two white patio chairs surround a outdoor side table. A bottle, glass and arrangement of fruit fills a bowl on the side table. The background is filled with green nature and white flowers. A white and cream outdoor rug sits underneath the chairs.

A white fire pit tables holds two champagne glasses and a bowl of grapes.

Decorate with Poolside Patterns

Whether white or blue, one of the best ways to add a beachside vibe to your outdoor space is by adding furniture and décor that reflects the patterns and textures you’d see by the water. Solid vinyl or white wooden planks such as the design on the Outdoor Sundown Treasure Fire Pit Table are the perfect poolside staple.

Sunny Days Ahead

Regardless of what style suits your outdoor space, your journey to enjoying the summer in your own home starts here. Whether you’re on the hunt for patio furniture or looking for vibrant colours to add to your living room, check out our Sunny Days Collection for inspiration.

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