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Sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle: a good night’s sleep improves your ability to concentrate and rejuvenates your body. Your sleep needs are as individual as you are, so it’s important to find the right fit for your mattress, and pillow. Just look at our past post: Is Sleep Really That Important? 

We have created a way to ensure that you are getting the best sleep possible, based on you! Our certified Dream Experts help you discover your sleep system comfort level by using advanced pressure mapping technology and correlating it to mattresses we test using calibrated equipment in our labs. In simpler terms, we test you and that tells us the best mattress for you!

There are 4 steps to getting you the sleep of the lifetime! 

4 steps to getting you the sleep of the lifetime: mattress, pillow, protector, foundation


We start with our pressure mapping technology to see which mattress fits you better: plush, medium, or firm. From here, we go farther and determine the best construction of bed that suits your body and budget. We check your spine alignment on our suggested mattress to guarantee it is a good fit.

To find the perfect pillow, know whether your are a front, side, or back sleeper.


Did you know about 30% of a good sleep comes from your pillow? Since we are looking at your mattress lets not forget your pillow. We start your selection by choosing a pillow based on your sleeping position: stomach, back, or side, and recommend the best fitting pillow to keep your spine in proper alignment.


If you checked out our other blog post: How to Clean Your Mattress! you know exactly what can be hiding out in your mattress. Allergens such as debris, dust, stains, oil, bacteria, and body fluids can be sleeping in your bed with you. Pillow and mattress protectors guard against some of these harmful pollutants that can ruin your investment. Protectors should be washed often for continued maintenance of your sleep system.


Your mattress supports your body, while a boxspring supports your mattress. They absorb shock and reduces wear to the mattress. If you set your mattress on an uneven or unsupported surface, it may cause premature sagging and a shorter lifespan than if it was used on a box spring. Keep your mattress lasting long with a supportive boxspring.

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