How to Clean your Mattress!

A mattress protector can keep your mattress safe from dirt and spills, but dust mites and allergens are a different story. Follow the steps below, and make sure your mattress lasts for as long as possible! You should think about cleaning your mattress with the change of the seasons, or once or twice a year with a good mattress protector!


Vacuum the top and sides of your mattress. This will get rid of anything on top of your mattress, along with anything just under the service.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a great deodorizer! Sweat can build up with and lead to a smell you might be nose blind to. Sprinkle baking soda n your mattress and gently rub it in with a scrub brush. Let the baking soda sit for ten minutes and then check out the next step!

Vacuum Again

Your arm may be sore, but scrubbing the baking soda into the mattress helps it bond with body oils in your bed. Vacuum up the moisture and odors with the baking soda.

Treat Stains

Mattress stains can be something you prefer not to think about, but that doesn’t mean they are not there! It’s best to research how to take care of stains when they happen. Sometimes waiting too long means they are there forever, but not waiting for something to dry can make it worse too! This is where a mattress protector can be useful!

Flip and Repeat

Flip the mattress and do steps 1 – 4 all over again! Plus, if you sleep on the same side f the bed every night, flipping your mattress will prevent irregular wear.


If you haven’t already noticed, cleaning your mattress is not an easy task. A great mattress cover can help cut down on the cleaning! Look for a protector with fabric bonded to a waterproof layer to prevent spills, sweat, and dead skin from seeping into your mattress.

Have you ever cleaned your mattress? Will you start now? Let us know in the comments below!