Is Sleep Really THAT Important?

The straightforward answer: YES!

Only one more episode, only one more chapter. You may have been tempted to stay up a little later last night, but not after this article. Sleep is crazy important for your health, both physically and mentally. Plus, sleep is one of the only enjoyable things that is good for you.

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Poor sleep can affect your weight. Studies show that the shorter the sleep the higher the risk of obesity, it is one of the strongest risk factors for being overweight in both children and adults. Children who don’t get enough sleep are 89% more likely to be overweight, while adults who don’t are 55% more likely to be an unhealthy weight. This can lead to greater risk of heart disease and stroke.

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Good sleep also improves your athletic performance. A study on basketball players showed that a longer sleep helped increase speed, accuracy, and reaction times, while a study on older women found that poor sleep was linked to walking slower, a lower grip strength, and difficulty performing certain activities.

Sleeping sound can make your immune system healthier too! One study found those who slept less than 7 hours were almost three times more likely to develop a cold than those who slept 8 hours.

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Looking at mental health, a good night’s sleep can increase concentration and productivity, while sleepless nights are linked to depression. We all know someone who is grumpy before their coffee, why? Because they are sleepy before the caffeine hits! So, it is no surprise that sleep also affects our emotions and social interactions. Just look at toddlers, little Timmy always gets cranky when he needs a nap, well so do you!


Ultimately, studies from all over the place show how important a comfortable night’s sleep is. Maybe it’s time I started looking for a new mattress


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