How to Build a Family-Friendly Patio

Summer presents the perfect time to build stronger relationships with friends and family. With warm weather opening the door to outdoor spaces, you can reconnect with old friends over a few cocktails or spend time with your little ones in the backyard.

The key to creating core memories is building a patio that works for everyone. With inspiration from Dufresne Style Ambassador Stacey Kasdorf, find out the best way to customize your outdoor space for you and your kids.

Stacey Kasdorf’s Outdoor Space

Stacey, a longtime Dufresne Style Ambassador, is a local influencer, who shares a love and passion for interior design, travel and most importantly motherhood.

Recently, Stacey and her family rejuvenated their outdoor space to better function for the whole family. With an increase in household population and a keen desire for quality family time, Stacey upgraded her outdoor space with a few pieces of patio furniture from Dufresne.

When searching for the perfect patio furniture, Stacey stressed the importance of creating a space for the whole family.

“I wanted something cozy but functional. We spend so much time outside, so I wanted it to be a space we all really love.”

After careful consideration, she landed on the following pieces:

How to Build a Family-Friendly Patio

There is nothing more rewarding than creating a space you’re proud to show off to your family and friends. With help from Stacey Kasdorf, here is how to create a patio that can accommodate everything from hosting the kid’s birthday parties to creating a unique space to enjoy a cocktail with your favourite friends.

The first step in recreating any space is to consider the pre-existing setup and furniture. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before getting started.

Ensure you go the extra mile and actually measure the dimensions of the space. Preparation is half the battle and shopping with accurate measurements in-hand makes a world of difference.

Stacey Kasdorf speaks to the importance of understanding the potential of your space. When asked about the challenges of curating a family-friendly or multifunctional patio, Stacey replied:

“Sometimes it's hard to have it all or fit it all. We have a smaller backyard so we had to be intentional about every little corner.”

The best way to make intentional decisions for your space is to understand the possibilities of your home.

Whether you’d like to completely overhaul your outdoor space or are looking to subtly refresh your patio design, it’s important to understand how your current furniture setup will impact your decisions.

Create a list of existing furniture such as patio dining sets, outdoor sections and sofas, outdoor rugs, etc. Plus, take note of any additional outdoor items that may take up space on your patio or in your backyard. List things such as trampolines, gardens, flower pots/planters, and gazebos to ensure you can accurately plan a new look for your outdoor space.

Regardless of the degree of your plans, your current colour palette and pattern selection on the walls, patio flooring and furniture will factor into your outdoor redesign process.

If you are planning to create a completely new look you’ll need to consider how paint, patio materials and landscaping fees fit into your budget and your execution.

If you are making slight additions or tweaks, you will still need to take note of the colours and patterns within your outdoor space to create cohesion between the current look and your new patio furniture or décor.

If you’re from Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Ontario you understand the urgency needed to soak up as much sun as possible during Canadian summers. With such a quick-lived season, optimal planning is needed to enjoy the weather from your outdoor space before the summer sun sets.

The best way to plan your patio style is to consider what activities you and your family frequently love to do together or what you’re hoping to experience throughout the summer. For example, Stacey loves to tackle work tasks from the comfort of her patio furniture.

“I love making a cold summer drink and sitting at the outdoor table as I finish my emails. Makes 'work' feel less like work.”

Along with a comfortable remote work environment, Stacey’s kids also factored in her patio furniture decisions. Here is a list of activities she kept in mind:

  • Hanging out with friends
  • Hosting children’s birthday parties and play dates
  • Enjoying a late-night fire
  • Hosting outdoor dinner parties
  • Unwinding after school/work

The best way to get everything you want out of your space is to start with the functional uses you’d like to achieve first and then consider style and visual appearance second.

“Whatever you see yourself doing most, set your space up to be able to do those things. It's nice when you can have different 'areas', where kids and grown-ups can hang out together.”

After you’ve tackled functionality, it’s time to let your style shine bright. Similar to how you’d establish a clear and consistent theme for a bedroom or living room, you should also identify a style you love for your outdoor space.

In our blog posts, 4 Patio Style Ideas in 2023 and 5 Patio Styles Built for BBQ Parties, we identify some of the latest trends in outdoor furniture. Stacey created a space centred around the outdoor boho style. With an emphasis on wicker and lots of neutral colours and plants, her outdoor space sets aside bold colours and lets nature shine through.

Once you make a decision on which style you’d like to create, find furniture, décor, and accents that help turn your vision into a reality.

As mentioned earlier, the window for sun-filled fun is short but abundant. There is an urgency to create an outdoor space you’re proud of but always complete your vision at your own pace.

As children grow older and your style changes, find patio pieces you like and add them to your wish list. Search for items that fit your budget but also match your style.

There’s no better way to stick with a style than to invest in new pieces from the same furniture collection. When asked what her dream outdoor addition would be, Stacey chose The Outdoor Beachcroft Collection Multi-Use Table. This table is the ultimate addition to a multi-functional outdoor space.

“I love that Dufresne carries an entire collection. It fits together perfectly.”

Sunny Days

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