5 Patio Styles Built for BBQ Parties

5 Patio Styles Built for BBQ Parties

The smell of barbeque on a sunny day is the ultimate symbol of summer. Surrounded by family and friends, barbeque parties are the best way to bring everyone together and make the most out of warm summer weather.  

Here are five patio ideas that will make outdoor barbeque parties a breeze.

1. Outdoor Dining Room

The easiest way to ensure everyone has a comfortable seat at the table is to create an outdoor dining room in your backyard.

If you’re hosting a barbeque with family and friends, it’s best to invest in seating. Start by finding a large outdoor dining table and surround it with comfy patio chairs that match or complement its style. The best way to unlock more seating is by adding a bench or separate sofa for ultimate layout flexibility.

2. Sit Back & Relax

The beauty of a barbeque party is that the conventional dining room look and feel are not required. Between mingling and catching up with family, barbeques are at their best when the patio and seating layout can be defined by saying, “sit wherever you’d like”.

The best way to achieve a free-flowing party atmosphere but still provide ample seating options is by adding a variety of socially functional seating such as outdoor sectionals and patio sofas. With the ability to sit back and relax, your guests can enjoy their food, engage in great conversation, and easily get up for seconds!

3. Entertainment Space

Whether you’re having your friends over for a game night or planning your next family vacation, an outdoor space should be able to accommodate all your summer fun. Plan your barbeque around a functional and classy entertainment-focused outdoor space.

Choose furniture that checks off more than one box. A fireplace table is a great entertainment piece that serves as a functional centrepiece in any outdoor space. If you want a quick addition to enhance your outdoor entertainment space, consider adding an outdoor rug as it ties style with practicality.

4. Backyard BBQ & Games

From lawn bowling (or bocce ball) to tossing around a football, barbeques are made for indulging in backyard sports. If you’re the official host of the Patio Olympics, the key to styling your outdoor space is to keep it open.

 Here is the best way to approach a game-centric patio—small furniture. This style requires flexibility and adding bulky sofas, sectionals or dining tables will not only take up room on your patio but will require a lot of effort to rearrange. Invest in small patio tables or side tables and coordinating chairs. Look for wicker patio furniture as it’s lightweight and performs well in outdoor conditions.

5. Poolside Dinner

If you’re hosting a poolside barbeque, you are probably committed to being the host with the most. First off, congrats on creating your own oasis. There is nothing better than taking a dip in cool water and enjoying a quality barbeque on a hot summer day. Whether you’re sitting poolside or practicing your swan dives, here is the key to creating the best outdoor space to complement your personal paradise.

While the food usually steals the show, poolside barbeques are all about making summer memories with your friends and family. Rather than supplying ample seating for all your guests focus on the bigger issue—where everyone is going to put their plates down while they are swimming. Invest in quality side tables and loungers to create the ultimate poolside vibe!

Sunny Days

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