boho living room makeover

Living room decorated in boho style with neutral furniture and accessories from Dufresne.

We recently sat down with one of our style ambassadors, Heather Barnes, to get all the details about her recent Boho-inspired living room makeover, featuring furniture from our collection.

Heather, known to her many Instagram fans and followers by her handle @ourbarnesyard, was happy to share some of her best tips for pulling a room together. As you will see from the pictures of her finished space, this Winnipeg-based home décor enthusiast really knows what she’s talking about.

If you are planning a room refresh (or just planning to plan) this post is for you! Following the interview, we’ve provided links to some of Heather’s finds, as well as pieces inspired by her beautiful living room. Who knows—they might just inspire you, too.

Living room featuring the Arroyo sofa and neutral accessories.

Q & A with @ourbarnesyard

The last time we spoke, you had just finished your guest room. Which room did you tackle this time?

For this room upgrade, we tackled the living room!

You have a few home projects on the go right now. What made you decide to make over this room?
I always have projects on the go. As a home decor content creator, switching up spaces kind of comes with the territory and our living room, while nice, just felt like it needed a little boost. I knew I wanted to bring some warmth and character into this room, and the Arroyo sofa did just that. It really was the jumping off point for this room.

Tell us about the room before you started the makeover – how was it being used and what wasn’t working?
This room has always been our "formal" sitting room, if you can call it that. We don't have a TV in here—specifically because we designed it to be a room where people gather to sip a hot drink and be together. While the function was great, it just lacked a bit of warmth and coziness which I think it has now.

What was your vision for the new space?
I wanted the living room to flow with the rest of our home and have that vacation-inspired feel that I crave as a Manitoban trapped in cold winters. I started by creating a mood board with the brown Arroyo sofa as the star and built the design around it.

Living room featuring the Caladeron chairs and neutral accessories.

You mentioned mood boards. How do you use them and how do they help you tackle a makeover project like this?
I start by building out the room with the items I have already and then incorporating the new ones. I use PowerPoint and play around with pieces until the space feels right. This method really helps me get my partner on board as it helps him visualize a lot better.

Do you have any tips you can share for choosing furniture and accessories for a space?
I'd say consider how you want the room to function and choose items that speak to that. We wanted this room to be a space for conversation, and I knew I wanted symmetry on either side of the fireplace. That led me to choose the items that I did. I also knew I wanted a couch with a warm tone and chairs with some texture. The
Arroyo sofa and Caladeron chairs really fit those requirements.

Living room featuring the Arroyo sofa and neutral accessories.

How do you know when you’re “done” decorating a room? Or are you ever done?
As a serial decorator, I'm personally never done. I love experimenting with new items and following trends so expect to see rugs and pillows swapped out, mantle styling to change, and wall art moved around. As for the larger items, I hope to enjoy them for many more years to come.

How close to your original vision is the new room? What do you love about it?
I'd say things stayed pretty true to my original vision! As I waited for my furniture to be delivered, I was nervous about my choice to mix and match with the couch and chair, but the moment they were delivered, I knew I had made the right decision.

Has the way you use the room changed?
Nope! We still treat this room as a formal living room and will continue to do so. I'm a bit of an old soul in a way in that I love having a space that doesn't revolve around a TV but instead revolves around connecting with loved ones. I cherish that idea and protect it fiercely in this space.

Do you have any final advice for anyone planning a room refresh?
I'd definitely encourage you to make a mood board to help visualize the space. Many people, including myself, struggle to pull items together in their head, so getting ideas down in a visual way can really help you be more successful. Dufresne even has an in-store service to help you if you're struggling with pulling your room together.

Living room featuring the Caladeron chairs and neutral accessories.

Shop the Look
To help you create a warm, Boho-inspired space of your own, we've gathered together key pieces from Heather's living room, along with a selection of items that we think you'll love. Shop the look online, or book an appointment for a focused, in-store shopping experience with your own dedicated home expert.

Heather’s jumping off point for her new living room was the on-trend Arroyo sofa in soft, caramel-coloured faux leather. Not only is it the perfect piece to give the room the warmth and character she is looking for now, but the classic shape will also look right at home if she decides to switch up her look in the future.

Although it has a similar profile to the Arroyo Sofa, the textured winter-white fabric gives the Caladeron chair a look all its own. This cozy piece blends beautiful with a wide range of styles, so whether your look is zen, boho, mid-century, or contemporary, it just works. Add one to your room for an instant lift, or flank a fireplace with a pair of chairs to create a beautiful focal point.  

A golden take on Heather’s marble-topped end tables, the Ida is another versatile piece that will blend seamlessly in a variety of settings. The generously-sized top is big enough to hold a lamp, beverage, and book or device.

In the living room, an open-backed bookcase is a must-have for displaying your plants, treasures, and, of course, books. To keep things interesting, style the shelves with the seasons or whenever you feel like a change. It’s a great way to express your interests and make your room feel truly personal.

To warm up your space on even the darkest winter evenings, be sure to layer on the lighting. Taking a cue from Heather, we’ve chosen a pair of retro-inspired, gold-toned lamps for beside the sofa and a striking, 7-bulb pendant fixture to provide light from above. Tip: If you don’t have high ceilings like Heather, don’t despair—a couple floor fixtures or strategically placed uplights will do the trick.

Finally, add decorative touches to give your space that distincive Boho vibe: a large, textured area rug to define and anchor the seating arrangement, a few pieces of unique wall art, a round or arched-top mirror for sparkle, and a curated selection of neutral-toned accessories, like baskets and pillows, to add texture and interest to the space.

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