Tips for a Cozy Winter Home

Cozy Home with sectional and warm lights

As winter settles in, nothing beats the comfort of a cozy home to escape the chill outside. Besides checking the thermostat and keeping warm beverages on hand, you can do more to create a cozier environment. With these simple adjustments and thoughtful touches, you can make a warm and inviting atmosphere that will make you reluctant to leave the comfort of your abode.

Warm Lighting

Warm lighting in cozy home

Warm lighting can positively impact your mental state by promoting relaxation, enhancing mood, regulating circadian rhythms, reducing stress, and improving visual comfort. Try warm, ambient lighting with soft bulbs to create a cozy glow throughout your home. Consider adding dimmer switches to adjust the brightness and set the mood for activities like reading in your cozy nook.

Lighting Inspiration

Layer Textiles

Throw on a chair

Layer textiles such as blankets and throws to add more insulation to your living space. These textiles help trap heat, preventing it from escaping and keeping the room warmer.

Choosing textiles in warm colors and patterns or earthy tones can also make your space feel cozier and more inviting.

Throws Inspiration

Area Rugs

Layered Area Rugs

Plush area rugs add warmth and coziness to any room and provide an extra layer of insulation that prevents heat loss through cold surfaces like hardwood or tile.  

The sensation of walking on a soft surface can contribute to a sense of warmth and comfort at home. Mixing and matching different rug styles, patterns, and textures also creates a strong visual appeal that opens up an avenue for personal expression.

Area Rug Inspiration

Accent Pillows

Throw pillows stacked on a sofa

Accent pillows offer an opportunity to inject personality and style into a space. Whether through quirky patterns, playful designs, or eclectic combinations, they can reflect your individual tastes and preferences, making the space feel more intimate and cozy.

Accent Pillows Inspiration

Create a Cozy Nook

A Cozy Nook with blue throw pillows and a throw blanket

Create a cozy reading nook or relaxation corner with a comfortable armchair, ottoman, and side table to curl up with a good book or enjoy hot cocoa on chilly days. Placing a warm accent light in the area also creates a separation between spaces plus an ideal spot for small group gatherings, such as intimate dinners, game nights with friends, or casual get-togethers.

Complete your Cozy Nook

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