Design the Perfect Summertime Guest Room

Design the Perfect Summertime Guest Room

There's nothing better than extending the fun of summer nights into the morning. Whether your family is over for the long weekend or your friends plan to crash at your place for the night, creating a guest room fit for any situation presents an opportunity for fun all summer long.

Here are five tips and tricks to transform your extra space into the perfect summer sanctuary for friends and family.

1. Start with a Sound Sleep

A guest room is a functional place to crash, not a hub for style and luxury. Comfort and price should lead your decisions as you furnish your guest room and contemplate design options.

Start your planning by choosing a mattress that checks off one of two boxes:

  • I'll buy a new mattress for myself and put my old mattress in the guest bedroom. OR;
  • I'll buy a new mattress for the guest room that suits my budget and comfort aspirations.

If you’re opting for the swap option, the best way to start your search for a new mattress is to meet with one of our experts for a full sleep analysis. With new technology, we can identify your comfort-changing pressure points and design a solution that’s tailored to your specific sleep DNA.

If you’re shopping for a new mattress for your guest room, the conversation sways back to finding an affordable mattress that matches your guest’s comfort needs. The best place to find the lowest prices on premium mattresses is to start your search at Outlet by Dufresne.

The perfect mix of comfort and price, this mattress will offer your family and friends a great night’s rest without breaking the bank.

The summer can make it hard to sleep. Luckily, the Athenee V brings premium cooling materials. Next to the sleep surface, a layer of cushioning Comfort Luxe Gel Fibre wicks away moisture and prevents heat build-up for a cooler, more restful sleep.

2. Find Stylish Mattress Support

While an adjustable lifestyle base might be perfect for relaxing in your bedroom, your guest probably isn't looking to binge their favourite Netflix series while staying with you.

Here’s a simple truth: a box spring and bed frame offer a cost-effective solution to your guest room bedding setup. Style options may be slim but with the right bed skirt, you can elevate the mattress, extending its life and escaping the clutches of college dorm room décor.

We’ve already established the need for functional comfort over fresh style—but what if you can have both? Platform bases erase the need for a box spring, offer functional support for your mattress and add a touch of style you can’t get from a conventional metal bed frame. Plus, after cutting the cost of the bedframe, the prices are often similar in the end.

Simple, elegant and affordable, this platform bed offers versatility and style to any bedroom. With sturdy wooden slats to support your mattress, you can eliminate the need for a foundation or box spring while still adding a touch of style to your guest room.

3. Help Hot Sleepers with Cooling Pillows

The summer heat is far more a gift than a curse but, just as we seek shade outdoors, we should also stay cool indoors.

If you sleep hot, you can recognize the sweaty struggle of trying to cool yourself down at night. Regardless of your preference, the summer can make us all hot sleepers. Help your guests cure their need for a cooler sleep with pillows, sheets, and accessories that offer cooling technology.

Similar to your choice of mattress, you have the opportunity to swap your current bedroom pillows for new ones or invest in cost-effective pillows for your guest room. The Impulse Pillow Series by Bedgear offers sleep position-specific pillows or “one-size fits all” pillows that satisfy both situations.

Bedgear’s Ver-Tex cool to touch fabric with Air-X ventilated side panes enhance airflow making for a cooler sleep in the summer heat.

4. Offer (A Little More Than) The Essentials

Let’s stop and think about what probably happens when your family or friends spend the night.

First, they arrive, everyone says their hellos and they drop off their overnight bag in the guest room. Then you enjoy a fun day in the sun catching up, chatting or visiting until it’s time for bed. They may swap their outfit of the day for something more comfortable, plug in their phone and head to bed. The next morning, they pack up their bags, you enjoy breakfast together and they head off to start their journey of tomorrow.

Here’s a list of things they need to successfully live that exact scenario:

The list is small but offers insight into the budget needed to create a liveable space for your guests. Here is a hosting tip: you can’t go wrong with a little extra comfort. While a place to sleep is nice, offering nightstands, storage, décor, or mirrors are a few small things that make a world of difference.

After a night of fun, having a place to set a glass of water, and your phone, wallet and keys makes it easier to fall asleep with peace of mind.

The Culverback Nightstand offers timeless style, conventional storage space and even built-in USB ports for late-night phone charging.

5. Maximize Your Storage Space

Since the dawn of time, humans have been searching for places to put their stuff. Whether it’s clothes, documents, pictures, Halloween costumes, or the random junk that you refuse to part with, there is always a need for more storage space. Your guest room is the perfect place to maximize organization while offering more amenities to your occasional guests.

While your friends and family typically only stay for a day or two, there is always a chance that they may need a place to crash for an extended amount of time. Investing in a dresser makes it easy to accommodate the unexpected while providing you with a great place to store your belongings for when life is happening as intended.

The Bronyan Dresser and Mirror bring a new level of accommodation to your guests at a great price. Add more storage to your home while adding comfort and versatility to your guest room this summer.

Sunny Days

Spend more time with your favourite people this summer by creating a comfortable space where they can stay the night. Find everything you need to create lasting memories in the sunny days ahead. For the ultimate summer inspiration, check out our Sunny Days Collection.

Book an appointment at your local store for a relaxed, no-pressure shopping experience with a dedicated home expert that will help you find quality furniture for your new home.