5 Items You Should Replace This Year

5 Items You Should Replace This Year

With spring on the horizon, you can probably feel the last metaphorical tear from the cold winter blues rolling down your cheek. It’s officially time to get excited for the snow’s curtain call and the dawn of warmer times. As exciting as the new season can be, you can only enjoy quality time in the sun if everything else in your life is healthy and ready to help you ease into spring without issue—that includes your furniture.

Here are five items in your home to consider replacing before the spring and summer sunrise.

1. Is Your Kitchen Cookware Burnt Out?

Let’s start in the kitchen! Chances are you may have spent quality time at home upgrading your cooking skills during the cold winter nights. While your omelette-flipping skills are now top-notch, the wear and tear of winter cooking may call for cookware that helps you take your meals to the next level.

Here are a few indicators that it’s time to throw away (or recycle!) your pots and pans:


Whether your kids were using them as drums or your pancake flip didn’t go as planned, a warped pot or pan can cause uneven cooking and temperature differences that make quality meals a little less tasty.

Dark Discolouration

Don't use your pan when it looks like it’s growing a black hole. General cooking stains are fine, but when the cooking surface of your pan starts to look like a ground-breaking NASA discovery—it's time for an upgrade.

Heavy Scratches

A plethora of scratches on the cooking surface of your pots or pans, not only make for an uneven result in your meals but could lead to life-threatening health issues. According to recent studies, older Teflon pans are made with harmful chemicals that when scratched can flake onto food and cause harmful diseases like cancer. Skip the risk and invest in new cookware.

2. Is Your Seating Due for a Change?

It’s time to take a step back and ask yourself, “can I take a comfortable nap on my couch?” If the answer is no then it’s probably time to review if your sofa or sectional has reached its expiration date.

Here are 3 questions to ask when your sofa, loveseat or sectional isn’t giving you everything you need to achieve a restful siesta.

  1. Do I feel supported by the couch cushions or does my couch feel like a lumpy mess?

If the answer is the latter, it could mean your couch cushions just need re-plumping. Check with your furniture provider to see if your sofa or sectional has a repair warranty.

  1. How does my couch sound when I (or a friend) sit on it?

A couch should make you feel secure in more ways than one. There is nothing worse than family or friends feeling like they are going to break your furniture by simply using it as designed. If your couch is making noises that make you nervous then consider swapping squeaks and sounds for a new sofa.

  1. Does this couch match my style?

Your couch doesn’t have to be an art installation but it should match the vibe you’ve created in your living room. Check out these living room guides to find out how to find a sectional or sofa that matches your style.

3. Is Your Mattress Past its Expiration Date?

Here is the short answer: every 6-8 years you should invest in a new mattress that suits your sleep needs.

There is also a laundry list of additional factors that can help you dictate when it’s time to consider swapping sleep items. Here are 3 helpful indicators:

  1. Consider how your sleep has evolved over time. What was your first night’s sleep like compared to your average sleep now? If the answer is anything less than the same, then your mattress is likely the root cause. A great way to compare is to ask yourself if you achieve a more restful night’s sleep at other people’s houses or hotels.
  2. Evaluate the mattress from a general visual and physical standpoint. Ask yourself; are there lumpy areas or damage to the mattress? And does my mattress make more noise than usual? These could be key indicators that your mattress could use an upgrade.
  3. Keep track of how you feel when you wake up in your own bed. An increase in allergies or general muscle soreness and joint stiffness can usually be traced back to a faulty sleep system that needs to be changed.

4. Is Your Pillow Past its Prime?

If your mattress is up to date but your sleep is still slacking, the next step in troubleshooting is to evaluate your pillow’s health.

Here is a checklist to determine if it’s time to put a rest to your pillow. If you check off more than two then consider shopping for a pillow that’s right for you.

  • Do you wake up with neck pain?
  • Does your pillow feel lumpy?
  • Is your pillow older than 18 months?
  • Are you constantly fluffing your pillow?
  • Does your pillow remain the same after releasing the pressure from your head?

5. Is it Time to Try a New TV?

It can be extremely tough to keep up with the rapid advancements in television technology but making sure you have a TV that’s right for you should be easy. Don’t delay replacing a vintage TV, instead, ask yourself what you need to make your viewing experience enjoyable.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when investing in a new tv.

  1. How often do I watch TV?

If you are a big fan of the outdoors or crave a good book over a fun flick, you’ve probably made up your mind about how much you are willing to spend on electronics—and that’s okay. Try booking a meeting with a TV expert beforehand to make the right choice for you without the hassle of browsing expensive options.

  1. How much space do I have in my living room or bedroom?

The bigger the television isn’t always the better. Before you make a decision, measure out how much room you have and add at least a 2-inch buffer just to be safe.

  1. What else do I need to enhance my viewing experience?

Every TV has its perks, some offer vibrant colour technology and others offer full-bodied sound. The real question is what the TV could improve. Ask your electronics expert what makes for the perfect home theatre experience before you checkout.

Find Your Dream Replacement

The key to a fruitful and fun new year is saving time for the things you actually want to do. Save time and headaches by replacing old furniture, appliances, mattresses and electronics with items that will help make this year one to remember.

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