How to Pair Paint Colours with Your New Furniture

The fall season inspires creativity and invites change. Take your home design to the next level by finding the perfect paint colour to match your new furniture.

Here is a guide to finding the perfect wall colour to complement your new furniture.

Tips to Consider

Before you start planning your room refresh, there are a few important factors to take into consideration. Here are five tips to plan your new look more effectively.

1. Factor Flooring First

Build your dream room from the ground up. Choosing the perfect colour to complement your room starts with your flooring. Take into account the colour, texture, and nuances of your flooring and consider how they play a role in creating a cohesive and visually sound room.

2. Consider Existing Furniture

While you just added new furniture, your current furniture will still play a role in the outcome of your room design. Consider the colours, patterns and textures of furniture that you plan to coexist with your new furniture to avoid conflicting styles or clashing colours.

3. Think About Cohesion

Home design should flow throughout the house. Unless you are trying to establish a separate style for a reason, each room should generally feel cohesive and well-thought-out. While styles can be introduced with furniture, paint colours should remain within the same realm or complementary set.

4. Decide Style Direction

Once you have an understanding of your current surroundings, you can decide on a creative avenue to explore. Whether you love the modern eclectic style or find joy in minimalistic design, the best way to narrow your list of paint colours is to follow a distinct style.

5. Consider Style Longevity

Before you start priming the walls, consider whether your favourite style will stand the test of time. Between the death of funky patterned wallpaper and the historic fall of wood panel walls, it’s a great idea to ask yourself, “will I hate this in five years.”

Neutral-Coloured Furniture

Neutral-coloured furniture is the universal blood donor of home design—they go with anything. Whether you just added a new charcoal sectional or boosted your bedroom aesthetic with a cream-coloured bed set, neutral-coloured furniture can be tailored to fit almost any style.

Here are two colour palettes that pair well with neutral-coloured furniture.

Modern Minimalist Bedroom

Modern Minimalism is an interior style that features clean lines, simple furniture, and a monochromatic palette. A popular style among the next generation of homeowners, modern minimalism captures the beauty of blank space.

If you’re hoping to embrace the simple things in life, modern minimalism is the perfect style for you. Pair neutral-coloured furniture such as the Colin Queen Bed with shades of white, grey and black to create a cohesive and modern look.

Soft Pastel Living Room

It can be intimidating to add colourful walls to any room, but finding the perfect pop of colour for your living room doesn’t have to be daunting. Pastel colours are a great complement to neutral-coloured furniture such as the grey Sullivan Sectional without overstimulating the aesthetic of the living room.

If you want to invite more colour into your living room without compromising on sleek style, use soft pastels on an accent wall or muted pastels throughout the whole living room.

Natural Woods

Natural wood furniture or faux wood grain accents are a staple in home design. From side tables to home décor, wood furniture offers a great opportunity to add more style to any room. Add a new accent wall or change the colour of the entire room to suit your new wood furniture.

Here are two colour palettes that pair well with natural wood-coloured furniture.

Boho Inspired Bedroom

Bring the outside in with boho-inspired furniture and earth-toned accent walls. Bohemian or boho style refers to furniture and colours that are influenced by nature. Whether it’s rich earth tones or natural wood grains, the boho style encourages a breath of fresh air from the comfort of your home.

Pair wood furniture such as the Zelen 3 Piece Poster Bed with a bold olive accent wall to create a boho-style haven at home. If green isn’t your favourite colour, explore other earth tones such as browns and shades of muted orange as stylistic replacements.

Coastal Dining Room

Bring the beach to your dining room with coastal blue colours. Not to be confused with nautical style, coastal interior design presents elements of the ocean or life by the water in every aspect of the room.                         

Wood is an essential element of life by the water. If you just purchased a natural wood style dining table such as the Cabalynn 5 Piece Casual Dining, consider tying the space together with a blue or navy accent wall.

Dark Tones

Black or dark-coloured furniture presents a wide range of suitable paint colour options. Regardless of the room, dark tones contrast well with vivid accent walls or simple monochrome palettes.

Here are two colour palettes that pair well with natural dark or black furniture.

Off-White Bedroom

Similar to the minimalist bedroom, this palette embraces the simplicity of monochrome colours. The combination of bold black and subtle whites reminds people of timeless style from the past while introducing the minimalist beauty of the future.

Design a bedroom style that stands the test of time. Pair bold bedroom furniture such as the Kaydell 3 Piece Queen Bed in black with off-white wall paints to create a classic look you’ll love for years to come.

Red & Velvet Accent Wall

Dark-coloured furniture provides a blank canvas for creativity. If you want to add a splash of colour to a room, black furniture is the safest complement for risky or adventurous colour choices. Despite its boldness, red is not a risky colour.

Pair dark-coloured furniture like the Darcy Sofa Chaise in cobblestone or black with a red accent wall or add pops of red home décor to add zest to your living room.

Vivid Colours

Vivid colours in furniture are the hardest to match with suitable wall paint. While we’d love to paint all coloured furniture with the same brush, the truth is that they need to be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

Here are our wall paint suggestions for blue and red furniture.

Greyscale Modern Dining Room

The simple answer to finding a non-clashing wall paint is to find a neutral colour that brings out the vibrancy of your new saturated furniture. You bought a statement piece for a reason—use your wall paint to show it off.

Looking to elevate your dining room design? Explore different shades of grey for the perfect complement to blue furniture such as the chairs from the Zara 5 Piece Dining Set.

70s Influenced Living Room

The 70s were a bold and groovy age of fashion and design. From psychedelic patterns to midcentury modern furniture, their influence plays a role in curating modern designs today.

Bring a modern sense of the 70s to your living room by pairing red and brown furniture, such as the Neils Sectional with shades of tangerine wall paint.

Beige & Browns

Some of the most common furniture colours in homes today are shades of brown and beige. Whether you’ve added a new brown loveseat or a beige accent chair, it’s important to find a paint colour that brings out the best in your new purchase.

Here are our favourite wall paint pairings for brown and beige furniture.

Living Room Earth Tones

Earth tones are one of the best parts of fall home decorating. Variations of burnt orange, muted tan and earthy brown accents bring a breath of fresh air and calmness to any room. Why limit the nuance of fall style to just one season?

Pair your brown furniture such as the Shonda Sofa with muted earth tones to create a cozy and stylish living room. Here is our style tip of the day: find a colour you love and then you can saturate or desaturate to your liking.

Subtle Green Living Room

White walls are great and we all love monochrome moments but colours breathe life into a home and establish a sense of personal style. While colours broaden your search for the perfect choice of wall paint, it opens the door to creativity.

Beige-coloured furniture such as the Florian Chair and a Half pair perfectly with muted green wall paint. From Moss Point Green to a bold variation of nature’s favourite colour, green is a great choice for any room in the home.

The Feeling of Home

Whether you find inspiration in earth tones or prefer to personalize your home with monochrome wall paints, elevate any room in your home by pairing your new furniture with stylish wall paint colours. For more home styles and interior design tips, check out our social media pages.

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