How to Design Your Own Garden Room

Creating a cozy, appealing garden room

A garden room is a secondary area in your outdoor space, usually with walls or structures that compartmentalize spaces like fences, flowers, or vines. It differs from a patio because of the physical separation from the house and rest of the garden.

It's an appealing and cost-effective solution to add more living space to your home. You can make your own with something as simple as a hedgerow, or go big and get the assistance of an architect to create a striking outbuilding, which is likely cheaper than an extension on your house, and may not require planning permission (provided that you don't want to sleep inside the garden room).

Add to the appeal of this secluded space in your garden with outdoor accessories and decor elements. An outdoor sofa, along with a couple of armchairs, is a smart idea to provide enough seating to accommodate a large group of friends. Make sure to embellish the space with pillows and rugs to personalize the space even more. As you would in an indoor living room. Ideally, you should have enough storage space to stash away all fabric decor elements if it suddenly starts raining. If the solution you choose has no roof, consider adding an umbrella so that your guests stay cool under the sun.

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A primer on outdoor furniture materials
Unlike traditional furniture, garden furniture resists the elements, so you can keep it exposed to the sun and, in moderation, rain so that it stays in tip-top condition. This type of furniture is a smart choice to furnish your garden room. There are many materials to choose from.

For example, rattan looks just like bamboo, but it's a durable, lightweight plant fiber that resists insects and humidity. It creates an exotic atmosphere in your space. If you'd prefer a more classic and formal look, choose cast-iron furniture. This heavy, resilient material figured prominently in many elegant outdoor dining sets from the Victorian era, and it's still a popular choice today.

Resin or all-weather wicker is another outdoor-friendly material, which mimics the look of real wicker, but it's way more durable because it resists the elements. It also tends to be inexpensive, so it's a good choice if you want to design a garden room on a budget. Since resin wicker doesn't absorb moisture, it's very easy to clean.

Another thing to consider is the materials of your fabrics. We recommend Nuvella. This high-performance material allows your outdoor furniture to withstand our Canadian weather. Not only will it resist against food stains, it won’t lose it’s colour or fade sitting out in the sun.

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How to decorate and add functionality to your garden area
Accessories like fire pits and heaters help you enjoy your garden room even when the weather is cool. Patio heaters typically burn propane or natural gas, but there are also electric models available. Propane heaters are easy to install, and they provide more heat than the other types..

Natural gas heaters require fairly complex installation, but they tend to cost less than other heaters. Electric heaters are environmentally friendly, but they require you to have a power outlet in your outdoor space. They're more convenient than gas heaters since you don't have to refill them.

Fire pits create the same cozy atmosphere as a fireplace in your garden. Perhaps opt for a fire pit table because it can double as an outdoor dining table. Typically, under the table, there is a small space that conceals the fuel source, providing a seamless aesthetic that blends in well with other furniture. Fire pit tables are available with different kinds of fuel, from propane and natural gas to wood. Of course, you can use the fire to roast marshmallows or prepare delicious meats and vegetables on skewers, all while your guests are sitting at the table near you.

Lastly, you can turn your garden room into a functional summer kitchen with a grill to cook meats and vegetables. As with fire pits, grills come with different types of fuel, like propane and natural gas, and many of them have convenient storage spaces or prep areas.

Creating a cozy space in your garden to relax and entertain is easy. All you need are ideas and a few pieces of quality outdoor furniture.

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