Dress Up Your Coffee Table

Your coffee table is more than just a place to put stuff.  It's a little place to express yourself, to show your guests a little bit more about you.  So what can you do to dress up your coffee table?

Coffee Table Books
A coffee table book can inspire conversation, divert attention, and entertain guests. The books are often a bit larger, hardcover, and offer a lot of imagery with very little text. The quicker and easier it is to casually scroll through, the better. You can go one step further and set the book open to your favourite page, encouraging your visitors to take a peek and glance through.

Floral Fun
Keep your look fresh with a simple floral arrangement.  Flowers come in a wide range of colours so it’s easy to change the look and feel of your coffee table with little to no effort.  Feeling bright and bold one week? Pick up a few vibrant red or orange flowers for an extra pop of colour. Wanting something a bit softer and neutral? Grab a couple flowers in beautiful purple pastels or pale pinks. An added bonus to a fresh floral arrangement is the pleasant scent that’ll follow the flowers throughout your living room.
If real flowers aren’t your thing or they simply don’t fit in with your busy lifestyle, there are great long-lasting alternatives if you’re looking to keep a little nature in your life.  Lucky bamboo plants are a perfect substitute as they can last several years with very little maintenance. Another great yet unique option is decorative moss. There are a lot of ways to use moss as a beautiful addition to your coffee table décor.

The current trend of soft top coffee tables that double as additional seating has taken the industry by storm. In doing so, decorative coffee table trays make a grand entrance as a way to keep the plush table top while having an option for a temporary solid surface. The best part about these trays? They don’t need to be used solely with plush coffee tables!  It’s a great way to keep your things together to look neat and organized.

The possibilities for dressing up your coffee table are absolutely endless, each idea as unique as the next - just like you! Think about what you want to express and go from there.  Don't have a coffee table to dress up?  Check out our wide selection of coffee tables and side tables here.