Creating a Kid and Pet-Friendly Home

Creating a Kid- and Pet-Friendly Home 
We love our kids and pets, but let’s face it, they have a tendency to wreak havoc on almost everything they touch. From drawing on the walls with crayons, to bouncing on  every piece of furniture, not to mention the seemingly constant spills and stains, your  home has to stand up to a lot. Here are our best tips to help your home be up to the  challenge of its most destructive residents. 

Set yourself up for success by choosing durable fabric! We’re happy to offer a range of  Decor-Rest Performance Fabrics that are highly stain repellent, moisture repellent,  durable, and easy to clean – because you shouldn’t be scared of using your furniture.  Check out on our Blog how ​Meredith Deanne​ and ​Stacey Kasdorf​ designed their own sofas with us to create pieces that can handle the tough love their families will give them, without  sacrificing style.

Rugs are great for adding warmth and interest to your space, while also acting as a  cozy spot to play. We know it can be a little scary placing a rug somewhere it’s bound to  get spilled on, but fear not! Darker colour rugs make hiding stubborn stains easy, and so  do patterns. Plus, opting for a flat-pile rug, versus a shag rug, also makes it easier to  clean messes and dirt.  

Don't let stains seep in. Clean stains right away

We know cleaning up spills isn’t anyone’s favourite activity, especially when you’re in a  rush, but attacking the stain right away makes it a lot easier to deal with. The longer you  leave a stain, the harder it will be to get out – and the less motivated you’ll be to clean it!  We also recommend having a stock of standard stain-removers in your home all the  time so you’re ready to tackle stains when you need to.

Light paint colours are significantly easier to touch-up than their darker counterparts, so  we recommend opting for airy neutrals in high-traffic areas, or areas your kids and pets  spend a lot of time in. Things are bound to get a little beat up, but it helps if you set  yourself up to fix marks and scuffs easily. Bonus tip: eggshell or satin paint is significantly  easier to wipe clean than matte paint, so choose your finish wisely in spaces that are  likely to get bombarded with fingerprints and nose prints.