Crazy Furniture Risks That Just Work!

It’s always good to take style risks, but that can be scary when it comes to your furniture. Here we have some examples of crazy furniture risks that totally paid off! If you love one of these crazy risks book a My Custom appointment online and design the perfect crazy furniture that works for your style!

The Risk: Colour

It can be scary to experiment with bold coloured furniture. Pro Tip: Pick one feature item and design the rest of the furniture and wall colour to match! Think of using 3 colours; the primary colour should be 60% of your room (walls), your secondary colour is 40% of your room(big furniture pieces) and your tertiary colour can make up 10% of the colour in the room (accents).

The Risk: Pattern

There is a reason accent chairs are so popular; because they look great! Accent chairs are the most popular pieces for crazy patterns, but don’t let that scare you! If you take our advice and pick one item to shine, your room can look fab in no time!

The Risk: Style

The style of your piece can be the most obvious and unobvious thing about your furniture! If you go with a crazy styled piece, it will be the first thing everyone notices! Picking out a cool style of furniture can be an easy way to spice up any room.

If any of these pieces spoke to you, make sure you check them out on our website, or design your own by booking an in-store appointment!