Get Cozi at Home

A group of people sitting on a Cozi modular Sectional

Cozi is the Vibe We Need Right Now.
Cozi is modern, comfortable, and—here’s the best part—modular. One Cozi on its own is a chair. Add another and you have a loveseat or a chaise. Three or four Cozis makes a sofa. Five, six, seven—the possibilities are endless. And, not only can you create the perfect seating group to fit your space, you can switch it up when you move, redecorate, or just feel like a change.

Feeling Cozi
Cozi has a low-profile, relaxed silhouette that feels right at home in spaces small and large, and is as trendy as it is trend-proof. Covered in a neutral, textured fabric that perfectly matches its laid-back aesthetic, Cozi adapts perfectly to a range of styles, including urban loft, modern boho, eclectic zen—even casual minimalist. When you get bored with your look, change your accessories and Cozi will fit right in.

Whether it’s a solo chair tucked in a quiet corner for reading or a lounge-style set up in the living room, Cozi’s inviting, deep cushion begs to be sat in. So, grab a coffee or a glass of wine and get comfortable—you’ll be here for a while. For added comfort and support, each Cozi comes with a movable bolster and generous back cushion. Both can be moved to suit your arrangement; non-slip decking ensures they’ll stay right where you put them.

Create a Cozi Arrangement
Multiple Cozi’s can be configured and reconfigured endlessly. At the drop of a hat, you can turn sofa into a loveseat and chair, break a sectional into two sofas, or gather up all of your pieces to create a soft platform for an epic family movie night. You’re limited only by your imagination and the walls around you.

Cozi’s versatility means you’re not limited to traditional arrangements. Put two Cozi’s together and face the bolsters in opposite directions for a unique take on the loveseat. Or, arrange four or six Cozis in the middle of the room with the bolsters back to back along the center for two separate, but conjoined conversation areas.

Cozi for the Whole Family
With it’s easy-going-style, unmatched comfort, and durable construction, Cozi is a natural for families with kids and pets. Put a Cozi or two in the kids’ bedroom or playroom—it’s the perfect size for curling up with a book and a few stuffed friends and makes a great gaming chair. You can even connect a pair of Cozis to accommodate an impromptu sleepover guest.

And, don’t leave out your fur-babies! The easy-care upholstery and dense, supportive foam cushion make Cozi a perfect resting spot for the most important members of the family, putting them in the perfect position to receive countless head-pats.

Get Cozi
Buying your Cozi couldn’t be simpler. With one versatile, modular piece, there’s no need to worry about purchasing left-hand, right-hand or corner sections. Just decide on a configuration, measure your space, and divide by 40 to determine how many Cozis you need. Need multiple pieces? Cozi is also sold in a 3-piece set—buy as many sets and singles as you need to make up your perfect arrangement.

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