5 Ways to Style Your Sofa

Buying a sofa or sectional is a huge decision. A centrepiece of your main entertainment space, your choice of seating plays a crucial role in the functionality of your living room. Many factors will influence your choice, but what about after you find the couch of your dreams?

Here are five ways to add more style to your sofa or sectional.

Living Room Seating & Accessories

Beyond basic living room furniture such as coffee and end tables, sofas, sectionals, and accent chairs, your choice of small accents and home décor adds a personal touch to your space.

Here are the most notable living room décor when styling your sofa or sectional.

Accent Pillows

Your choice of seating-based pillow can make or break your living room look. If there is no cohesion between the colours, patterns and textures of the sofa and the pillow, the balance of your space will appear off or in need of another piece.


Similar to the accent pillow, a stylish throw or seating-based blanket plays a vital role in creating a stunning living room style. While you may omit a throw in your living room, it is a great tool to mesh the style of the accents and the seating already created by your choice of pillow.


Your pattern, colour or texture choice adds to your overall style and living room feng shui. While pillows and throws present two ways to style your sofa, a rug is the perfect tool to blend your seating with the look and feel of the room.

1. Keep It Simple

Sometimes, simple is the best style.

Consider styling your sofa with simple, neutral-toned accents like the Budrey Accent Pillow and Tamish Throw Simple sofa accents bring a sense of calm and serenity to your seating area while offering versatility in matching various interior styles. Together, they elevate your sofa's aesthetic, creating a versatile space to enjoy with friends and family.

With its elegant design and soft beige hue, the Budrey Accent Pillow adds a touch of sophistication to any sofa.

The Tamish Throw features a warm and earthy tone. When paired with the Budrey Accent Pillow, these neutral accessories create a harmonious blend of textures and colours.

2. Purposeful Patterns

Add personality to a simple or neutral-coloured sofa with accents boating purposeful patterns. Whether you're aiming for a bold and vibrant look or a more subdued and timeless feel, these purposeful patterns provide the perfect spark to any entertainment space.

The Pascal Area Rug features a captivating geometric design that complements modern and contemporary interiors.

The Abilena Accent Pillow, a 20-inch square pillow, features a simple pattern that brings a ton of personality.

3. Light & Bright

Want to bring the sunlight indoors? Transform your living room into a light and bright oasis by styling your sofa with home accents that shine. Pillows and rugs such as the Misae Accent Pillow and Oskar Area Rug, not only create a brighter space but also pair perfectly with a boho-style living room.

The Misae Accent Pillow adds a pop of energy and personality to your seating arrangement. The crushed velvet texture introduces a suave shine to your living room look.

Complementing the shimmering velvet on the Misae Accent Pillow, the Oskar Area Rug not only anchors your space but also introduces more brightness with a trendy and subtle design.

4. Vibrant Seating

Finding the perfect style for your sofa comes down to fusing your vision with home accents that complement each other. If your home could use a pop of colour, but you don’t want to oversaturate your entertainment space with vibrant furniture, look to home accents to fill your desire for colour.

Transforming the ambiance of your living space is as simple as adding vibrant-coloured home accents like the Rustingmere Accent Pillow and Lanai Area Rug. Together, these accents create a lively and dynamic environment without taking away from the overall creative vision for the room.

The Rustingmere Accent Pillow instantly injects energy and personality into your living room. With three vibrant colours and an energetic pattern, this pillow adds a fun vibe to your entertainment space.

Miami called, and they love your vibrant area rug. The Lanai Area Rug is perfect for summer lovers who want to keep the vibrancy of the sun in their homes all year round.


5. Touches of Texture

When some people decide whether they enjoy certain foods, they base their preference on texture—furniture can follow the same criteria. Home accents present the perfect opportunity for you and your guests to feel your home rather than visually see it. With texture-based home accents like the Leonita Throw and Calisa Accent Pillow, you can add another layer of style and comfort to your living room.

When it comes to home accents for your sofa, comfort and practicality matter. The Leonita Throw adds a touch of style while doubling as a soft and cozy blanket to cuddle up with on cool fall nights.

Meanwhile, the Calisa Accent Pillow’s faux fur introduces a subtle yet striking visual element that meshes well with any sofa. Whether you have a leather sofa or fabric, this pillow adds a fun fur texture to your dream sofa style.

The Feeling of Home

Whether you love vibrant home accents or prefer to keep your sofa simple, enjoy crafting the perfect living room sofa or sectional style with furniture and home décor from Dufrense. For more home styles and interior design tips, check out our social media pages.

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