5 Holiday Décor Trends in 2022

With the winter snow lining your rooftop and bright Christmas lights illuminating the night sky, the stage is set for the holidays. The only thing left to do is get in the Christmas spirit and decorate your space with the hottest holiday décor trends this year.

Throw on your favourite Christmas song, pour yourself a hot chocolate and learn more about the most popular holiday décor trends in 2022.

1. Silver & Gold

There has been a change of guard when it comes to Christmas colours. Gone are the days of red and green, as we welcome back silver and gold to the holiday throne of colour and décor.

Take a second to think about all the Christmas classics that already feature green and red accents – who needs more? From Christmas trees to wreaths, the best way to add a little pizzaz to your home décor is by weaving silver and gold into the mix.

Kadinburg Bar Unit

Start with silver. Home décor is a great way to show off your style, but it can also add functionality and flexibility during the holiday season. With Christmas parties and holiday get-togethers on the horizon there’s never been a better time to invest in a bar cart. Roll out themed cocktails or feature a hot chocolate station, the choice is yours.

Our Kadinburg Bar Unit offers functionality and a glimpse of glamour with beautiful silver finishes and silver mirrored platforms to feature your favourite holiday drinks.

Toben Cutout Vase

The best part of the silver and gold theme is that it adds a touch of elegance and class to any space no matter how small the addition. Home décor is all about personalization and style. To many homeowners, how you dress your home reflects your personality.

Add a touch of glamour with sleek and simple vases, candle holders and other home décor. Our Toban Cutout Vase Accessory is the perfect golden accessory to spruce up your holiday look.

2. Boho Holidays

Boho-ho-ho! “Boho” or Bohemian style is a hot look this holiday season. A layered look with rich earthy tones, Boho holiday style features comfortable furniture with pops of fun colours and patterns.

Bales Accent Chair

Introduce functionality and comfort to any space no matter how small. Boho is a great style for the holiday season because it brings fun textures and colours to simple and functional designs.

The Bales Accent Chair offers family and friends a comfortable seat for festive fun during the holiday season and can be connected together to create a couch, sectional, or a new furniture configuration of your choosing.

Jocelyne Trays

Boho style is all about layers, but layers are more than blankets and pillows. The dining table is the centerpiece of the holiday season. Spruce up the tabletop with strong earth tones and fun pops of colours.

The Jocelyn Trays offer a vibrant wooden look that can be customized with any pop of colour you see fit. From plants to candle holders, these trays introduce variety and functionality to your holiday dinner.

3. Classic & Comfy

You can’t deny classic Christmas. The holidays only happen once a year and while styles change, the holiday spirit always remains. Add a personal twist to a classic Christmas look and find the perfect accent pieces for your loved ones to enjoy during your festive family gatherings.

Doorganizer Wall Decor

If you are a frequent Hallmark movie watcher, it’s probably a dream of yours to paint your door red during the holiday season. I hate to break it to you but it’s a lot more work than it’s worth. Here’s a solution – save the paint and greet your guests with a fun way hang up their coat and keys on Christmas morning.

The Doorganizer Wall Décor is classic Christmas red but fits most styles throughout the whole year. Store your keys, hang up your coat and live out your red door dreams without the hassle with this fun wall décor option.

Loan Sofa

There’s no better time to relax than the holiday season. Between Christmas shopping and family gatherings, the couch is probably calling your name.

A key to comfort, your couch should provide a relaxing experience in your time of need. With plush cushions and a simple neutral colour, the Loan Sofa offers a comfortable base to accessorize throughout the whole year.

4. Minimalistic Farmhouse

Trends may come and go but certain styles always stand the test of time – farmhouse is one. I’ll let you in to a style tip that may seem obvious at first but will fundamentally change the way you decorate: small tweaks to timeless styles always provides a fresh and fun look. Here are a few products that play into the hottest tweak to the farmhouse style this holiday season.

Yosemite 6 Piece Queen Bedroom with Storage

The evolution of Christmas décor has expanded its territory and its new favourite place to accessorize is the bedroom. From Christmas trees to colourful lights, the bedroom has become another fun place to decorate during the holiday season.

Farmhouse patterns provide a perfect frame for holiday decorations but when it comes to the bedroom, less is more. Use the simple patterns and washed wood look as the main attraction and add simple and clean decorations for a classy and timeless holiday look.

Wynnlow TV Stand

The holiday season is magical but its also cold. We spend a large portion of the festive season inside the comfort of our warm home to avoid the whistling winds and slippery walkways of winter. Now’s the perfect time to add more warmth and style to your home with the Wynnlow TV Stand.

With simple farmhouse style design and a soft washed wood look, this fireplace adds flexibility and style to any room in your home.

5. Entertainment Friendly

Christmas calls for great company. While holiday shopping and to do lists can make the holidays feel like a rollercoaster of never-ending tasks, the best part is always spending time with family and friends. Make your home into a fun and festive space for entertaining with intuitive furniture and décor.

Rokane Pub Set

There’s never a This fun table set takes “wine on hand” to the next level. With built in shelves designed for wine, the Rokane Pub Set makes family gatherings a memorable experience.

Cassandra Candle Holder

Looking for a centerpiece that doesn’t block your view of a heated family debate at the dinner table? The Cassandra Candle Holder has your name on it.

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Happy holidays!

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