2022 Community Giving Recap

With a new year approaching, we thought it was a great time to reflect on some of the ways Dufresne helped build community and support those in need this year. Here’s a recap of our community efforts in 2022.

Dream Big

Every person should have a safe and comfortable place to lay their head at night and our Dream Big program helps ensure our communities are meeting that standard. Through partnerships with Sleep in Heavenly Peace and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, our team donated mattresses and even joined a group of volunteers in building new beds for children in the community and Ukrainian newcomers.

In 2022, Dufresne donated 349 mattresses to those in need, more than doubling last year’s total of 140 mattresses. Since inception, Dufresne has donated 950 mattresses to our community members. We are excited to see how many people we can gift a great night’s sleep to in 2023.

How you can help

At Dufresne, giving is getting. Support those in need by purchasing a mattress at Dufresne where a portion of every mattress or mattress set sold will go directly towards Dream Big initiatives. Whether online or in store, your new sleep system will help provide a good night’s sleep to those in need.

Ukrainian Canadian Congress

With the influx of Ukrainian newcomers finding new homes in Manitoba and across Canada, Dufresne wanted to help ease the transition and provide comfort in a time of stress and heartache. Along with mattresses donated through the Dream Big program, Dufresne provided a set of dining table and chairs to 50 newly arrived Ukrainian families.

Dufresne hopes to continue helping Ukrainian families feel at home in Manitoba and Canada as they acclimate to their new situation.

How you can help

There are always more ways to help those in need. Visit their website below to find more ways to support Ukrainian community and welcome our new community members to Canada.

Habitat for Humanity

As a furniture and appliance company, Dufresne understands the importance our products play in creating a safe and comfortable home for our customers. That’s why we partnered with Habitat for Humanity to help build homes for those in need.

In 2022, Dufresne donated 34 washer & dryer pairs and 34 dishwashers to homes built by Habitat for Humanity. Along with the energy-efficient appliances, 20 Dufresne staff volunteered to help complete a two-day home build in coordination with Habitat for Humanity.

How you can help

There are plenty of ways to participate in great initiatives led by Habitat for Humanity. Whether you volunteer at a build site or stock shelves at a ReStore, you can make a difference by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

Ronald McDonald House Charity

The Ronald McDonald House Charity (RMDH) provides families with sick children hope in a time of need and–hope pairs pretty well with comfort. With a brand-new facility opening their doors earlier this year, we had the opportunity to contribute to the smiles and joy RMDH brings to families in Manitoba.

Dufresne provided 22 premium recliners for the home theatre to bring a new level of comfort to families looking to spend a movie night together in the new location. Dufresne is proud to be a contributor to a foundation that inspires others and provides hope for families in our communities.

How you can help

When it comes to philanthropy, RMDH is a leader in Manitoba in providing opportunities for volunteers to make a difference in their communities. Whether it’s a simple donation or volunteering your time to one of their initiatives, you can make a difference by joining their long list of difference makers.

Children’s Hospital Book Market

Working in collaboration with the Children’s Hospital Book Market allows each and every member of our team, from marketing to warehouse, to help provide a better life for children across Canada.

In addition to collecting books at our Manitoba stores, Dufresne donated creative services for advertising and event signage and supplied volunteers to set up the first in-person book drive since the pandemic.

How you can help

There are plenty of ways to get involved with the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Check out their website below for future fundraiser information and follow us on Instagram to find out when the next book market is taking place!

Giving Tuesday Wrap Up

There are only 12 months in a year but there is always time to make life better at Dufresne. In 2022, Dufresne donated $307,800 to charities and initiatives in our community that we are passionate about. With the help of our team members, community, and partners, we were able to help make the lives of our neighbours and customers better. Whether it was through providing furniture or volunteering our time, we are extremely proud and grateful for the opportunity to help make a difference in our communities one step at a time. We encourage you to visit the links above to learn more about the organizations we partnered with in 2022 and contribute in any way you can.

Thank you!