We as Canadians have the opportunity to experience 4 seasons, all special in their own ways. Because of this, there are some appliances out there that are enjoyed during certain seasons.

Come summer time, it’s nice to escape the heat and lounge at a comfortable temperature in your home. This is thanks to the cooling power of an air conditioner. With window air conditioners in different sizes and power levels, as well as the options for a portable air conditioner, you’ll have a perfectly chilled season.

Another wonderful summer appliance, although many would argue is all-season, is a grill. Backyard barbecues are a summer staple and without a grill, it wouldn’t be the same. We have a wide variety of features including infrared side burners, foldable side shelves, as well as the option to choose either a propane grill or natural gas. Don’t forget to protect your investment with a grill cover!