Dream Experience


Sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle: a good night’s sleep improves your ability to concentrate and rejuvenates your body. Your sleep needs are as individual as you are, so it’s important to find the right fit for your mattress, and pillow. Our certified Dream Experts help you discover your sleep system comfort level by using advanced pressure mapping technology and correlating it to mattresses we test using calibrated equipment in our labs. Your sleep system and new healthy life & style starts with the following:

  • Do you fit a plush, medium, or firm comfort level mattress?


    A better sleep starts with an assessment to see if you fit a plush, medium, or firm comfort level mattress using pressure mapping technology. From this assessment we fine tune the selection to determine the type of construction that is best suited to your body and budget. This process takes the guess work out of determining the perfect fit. During the selection process we check spine alignment on the mattress to ensure fit is accurate.


  • A qulaity pillow contributes to a good nights rest!

    2. PILLOWS

    Approximately 30% of a good sleep experience comes from a quality pillow. If you don’t absolutely love your pillow, chances are you need a replacement. We start your selection by choosing a pillow based on your sleeping position: stomach, back, or side, and recommend the best fitting pillow to keep your spine in proper neutral alignment.


  • Protectors trap harmful allergens!


    Did you know your bedding (mattress & pillows) accumulates allergens such as debris, dust, stains, oil, bacteria, and body fluids? Pillow and mattress protectors guard against accumulation of these harmful pollutants that can ruin your investment. Protectors should be washed often for continued maintenance of your sleep system. Enjoy the healthier side of sleeping!