#DufresneStyle: @victoriajjohnson's Movie Room

On a recent family trip to Kelowna, Victoria Johnson, blogger and mom of two boys, fell in love with the idea of incorporating a home theatre into her family’s space.

“On our trip, we spent almost every evening relaxing and watching movies! It was so much fun to do as a family. There was a popcorn area and a candy area, so after that we decided we needed it because the boys (3.5 years and 1 year) actually sat so nicely and were so intrigued,” Victoria said.

Movie room recliner sofa

Victoria and her husband took their west coast inspiration one step further when designing the space, being sure to include plenty of natural elements in the space like cedar shakes and rocks. They also put up a new wall in their basement to create a completely isolated space, like in a real movie theatre.

For furniture, they wanted something that they could really relax and cuddle up on. Victoria said three different styles caught her eye, but they eventually decided on the Matrix Power reclining sofa and loveseat because they could recline like at the movie theatre, had cupholders, and were super comfortable.

Matrix power recliner sofa features

They oriented the pieces toward the TV, with the larger sofa in the back and the loveseat in front to really capture the feeling of a movie theatre. Victoria and her husband also opted to add a fireplace to the movie room to make the space feel more open to other activities too.

A theater room setup with reclining sofas

Feeling inspired to create your own home theatre sanctuary?
If Victoria’s space has you dreaming of designing your own home theatre, we have some tips for you!

Make it cozy

Make it cozy. Create a space people want to spend time relaxing in. Comfortable furniture will make sure the space gets used often, and it doesn’t hurt to be able to recline.

Isolate the space

Isolate the space. Try to separate the room as much as possible from the other activities going on in the house. When you’re relaxing in your theatre, you don’t want to hear the kids playing or someone working out in the basement.

Choose the right size TV

Choose the right size TV.

TV Size to Distance chart

Whether you’re looking to create another space for your family to gather or a room to escape the world in, a home theatre will do the trick. Plus, we hear they also make a great spot for an afternoon nap.

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