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A family having fun and a bowl of popcorn in their home theater

It used to be unheard of to see Hollywood blockbusters released to home viewers first but now, instead of making us wait for months to see their latest offerings, some studios are sending their new releases straight to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, and Disney+.

To make the most of this BIG change, we are stepping up our home theatre game and creating rooms that combine the best elements of our favourite cinemas with all the comforts of home. Follow along and see our must haves for putting together the ultimate movie-watching, popcorn-snacking, no-shushing spaces, just in time for blockbuster season.

Pick Your Perfect Set

Your ultimate home theatre starts with the perfect smart TV for your space. For the best movie-watching experience, select a television that is the optimal size for your viewing distance (the distance from the screen to where you’re seated).

How to find the right size screen: According to the experts at Samsung, it's as easy as taking the viewing distance, in inches, and dividing it by two. So, if your sofa is six to seven feet from your TV, choose a screen up to 55-inches; if your sofa is seven to eight feet away, you can easily go up to 65-inches; eight feet or more, look for 75 or 85-inch sets.

A standout with its unique “capital I” shaped frame, The Serif has been designed to look great from any angle and can be used with or without its detachable floor stand. Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology means you’ll enjoy movies with realistic visuals and 100% colour volume, even if the scene is too bright or too dark.

New for 2021, Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs offer their most powerful 4K experience ever and, whether you are taking in a movie or bingeing the latest viral series, every detail will come to life with accurate colour and deep contrast. Plus, anti-reflection technology means you’ll have a beautiful, distraction-free picture even in daylight or with the lights on.

With a powerful 4K processor, the Samsung Q60A QLED Smart TV gives you both epic picture and sound, upscaled and optimized for every viewing condition. Dual LED technology brings details to life with dedicated warm and cool backlights that enhance colours and contrast. 

Get a great view from every angle with the Samsung Q70A QLED 4K Smart TV. Wide Viewing Angle lets you see brilliant color from every seat in the room with less color distortion. Even when viewing from the side, you get the full picture every time.

Samsung soundbar with subwoofer

Crank Up the Sound

As TVs get slimmer and sleeker with less room for speakers, soundbars have become a must-have accessory for home theatres and media rooms. To take your viewing experience to the next level, and get a richer, more robust sound, just add an easy-to-install soundbar or soundbar and subwoofer pair.

This Samsung soundbar with built-in centre speaker delivers crystal clear dialogue and spacious, room-filling 3D sound to elevate movies, programs, and streamed audio, while the wireless subwoofer kicks up the bass for incredible, theatre-quality sound.

The smart and stylish Samsung soundbar with side horn speaker mixes and delivers the sound so it appears to come precisely from where the action is happening on screen—just like at the cinema! This sleek, all-in-one unit can be mounted under the TV or placed anywhere in the room to fill the space with AI-perfected sound.

Choose the Best Seat in the House

Our favourite movie theaters are the ones with the fancy reclining seats, so it’s no surprise we want the same luxurious experience at home. If you are dedicating an entire room to your home theater, why not outfit it with fun, movie-ready seating with all the bells and whistles?

The Party Time loveseat is a recliner built for two with power footrests and headrests that allow you to find the perfect angle for movie viewing (and napping, but we won’t tell). In addition to a centre console with hidden storage and lighted cupholders, each seat has a padded, flip-up armrest with additional storage and a USB port for keeping your devices charged. Easy-care faux leather upholstery and LED lighting underneath make this the perfect piece for your home theatre.

For even more family fun, the Warnerton is a power reclining sectional that seats a small crowd. One-touch adjustable headrests and footrests, a flip down table, and built-in cupholders give you countless options for seating and snacking, while the USB ports and storage consoles keep you connected and organized.

Sleek, stylish, and ultra-comfortable, the Kincord power sectional has a cool, contemporary look and a ton of handy features to turn your basement or bonus room into the ultimate home theatre. You’re a-list experience is enhanced by the plush, pillow-top armrests lighted cupholders, and infinite position, “zero wall” reclining seats.

Give Your Living Room a Cinema-ready Update

Of course, if your living room doubles as your home theatre, you might want a more traditional look. A cozy sectional will give you the comfortable seating you need for cozy movie nights in, but with just a touch less drama. If you like to stretch out with your feet up, look for chaise sectionals, like the Trista, that let you get super-comfy while facing the screen.

With its deep seating and spacious chaise, the Ardsley is another family favourite for movie night. Plush cushions, super-soft fabric upholstery, and a dozen toss pillows ensure every member of the family is cozy and comfortable right through the closing credits.

TIP: To learn more about how to choose the perfect sectional for your living room or home theatre, be sure to read our article: Furniture 101: Sectionals.

To give everyone a place to put their feet up or to rest a big tray of snacks, add an oversized ottoman. Extra-large storage ottomans, like the Kellway, are a handy way to keep extra blankets on hand for movie night, or can be used to hold electronics and gaming accessories to keep your home theatre tidy and distraction-free.

Don’t Forget the Snacks

We think we can all agree, one of the best things about going to the movies is the movie snacks. It doesn’t have to be popcorn, but to make movie night IN feel like movie night OUT, you gotta have something to nibble on.

To avoid any breaks in the action or the dreaded “Pause it, I’m going to the kitchen!” set up your “concessions” on a sideboard or bar cart before showtime. That way, everyone can help themselves and refills are close at hand.  

If your sofa doesn’t have those fancy built-in cupholders, a lift-top coffee table is a handy addition to your home theatre set up. Once you are ready to settle in, simply lift the table top up and it will bring your drinks and snacks closer to you. Aaaah… perfect.

Final Touches

Create the feel of your favourite movie house with sophisticated artwork, dimmable sconce lighting, and blackout blinds or curtains. If you are all-in, paint your walls a dark colour to absorb light and give the room a cozy, authentic movie house feel. Try to avoid using framed art with glass—it will reflect sound and light. Instead, choose gallery-wrapped canvas pieces, like the urban-chic black-and-white print above, or DIY fabric-covered panels.

Upholstered furniture will also help dampen the sound in the room and, if you don’t already have wall-to-wall carpet in your room, consider adding it or add a large, cozy area rug. Not only will it help absorb ambient sound and feel warm underfoot, but it will also give the kids a soft place to sprawl.


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