Win the Battle of the Laundry Room

A family having fun doing laundry in the laundry room

Laundry is one of those things that if you don’t stay on top of, it can (quite literally) bury you. The problem often isn’t the big loads that can go right into the washer without fuss, it’s all those little items that either need special attention or simply just have to be washed right now.

You know the ones—gym clothes, fresh out of spin class; the school uniform that came home covered in chocolate milk; a new pair of jeans you want to wash before wearing; or the three sleepers that baby went through last night. The question is, do you: a) wait for a full load to accumulate, b) search the house looking for items to make up a load to wash, or c) commit the ultimate laundry sin by washing a handful of items in that great, big machine?

Thankfully, there’s another option. With the LG SideKick™ Pedestal Washer, you can run small loads as often as you like and stop that laundry from piling up! The just-right tub size of the SideKick is perfect for frequently washed items and all those times when you just can’t wait for a full load. Imagine how great it would be to come in from a run and wash your sweaty clothes before they even hit the pile!

Divide and Conquer
The LG SideKick is compatible with most LG front-load washers and can run while the main tub is operating, or completely on its own. That means while the big tub is handling towels and bedding up top, the powerful but gentle SideKick is taking on yoga pants, baby clothes or a cotton sweater.

With a durable, stainless steel NeveRust™ wash tub that avoids fabric-snagging nicks, and special cycles for intimates, hand wash and active wear, you can be sure that your delicates and special-care items will come out clean and fresh, with no surprises.

The SideKick is also ideal for items you want to keep out of the family wash, like pet bedding and items that may transfer dye (we’re looking at you, red t-shirt), and it’s a great solution for items like tea towels and dish cloths that require frequent washing and sanitation.

Small, But Mighty
The space-saving SideKick is perfect for families who need a second washer, but don’t have the space for it. Deceptively compact at just 1.1 cubic feet, it can hold up to four pounds of laundry and is packed with handy features designed to make laundry painless.

Another unexpected benefit of the SideKick Pedestal Washer is that it raises the main machine up by about 15 inches, making it easier to load and unload with less stooping and bending. Sure, laundry is work, but it shouldn’t be a work-out!

Kick Up Your Laundry
Even the mighty need a little help sometime. Add a SideKick to Your Squad and start winning the battle of the laundry room. Shop now for super deals on LG Laundry Sets and Pedestals.