Time For Reflection

Let’s take a few minutes to talk about time and reflection. No, not about taking some time to reflect, but let’s talk about mirrors and clocks! Perhaps you’re thinking about doing some redecorating or seasonal updating, but don’t really know where to start. Adding a few simple complimentary pieces is an easy way to make a big impact. Even the smallest of spaces can be transformed while staying within any budget!

Clocks and mirrors should be seen as important, functional pieces of art. Mirrors can actually “make” the look of a room and help tie things together. Let’s sit back for a few minutes and take some time to reflect on a few different ideas…

First thing to consider; what style is your space? Casual, Vintage, or Modern Luxe? The options for putting style pieces together are endless! No matter what your concept is, it’s easy to find what will work for you perfectly. Casual Comfort is relaxed, comfortable, and laid-back (think neutral colours and patterns). Vintage style is all about different woods, rustic metals, and charm. Mixing metals with wood can give a warm feel and tend to blend nicely. Modern Luxe is bold, trendy, bright and shiny! This style makes a statement with glass, metallics, and bright colours.

You don’t want the shape of your mirror or clock to be
overwhelming. The idea is to have it compliment your space and not be distracting. Clocks come in so many shapes and sizes and can be quite simple, elegant or intricate. You want to be creative about your choices,
but not overbearing. Mirrors are not only just adding an accessory piece; it’s also about adding a functional art piece. Here are a few options to think about...

There are so many shapes and styles to choose from, but here are a few examples.

  • Window pane mirrors - these can break up a wall visually, making it appear larger due to the individual reflecting squares
  • Leaning floor mirrors  - these are one of the best ways to make any room appear larger. Not only are they functional, but work well in almost every room or space
  • Circle mirrors - these appear to add width 
  • Rectangular mirrors - these are a great way to add length in hallways, above vanities, and almost anywhere you want to put a mirror
  • Hexagons, sharp angles, and unique shapes can be dramatic and tend to stand out 

Your cell phone should not be your only way to tell time. Clocks can complement your space while enhancing your style! Think about the size of the face and the style of the numbers - you want to be able to actually see what time it is, while not being too large and overwhelming.

Hopefully, there are a few ideas here that have inspired you and will help you make a few small changes so you can sit back and take some “Time for Reflection.”