The A, B, C, D’s of Why You Should Work With an Interior Decorator

Author: Professional Decorator Kelly Porath of Blue Rose Interiors

You CAN go to the gym without a personal trainer, but when it’s time to reach a specific goal, most of us hire a coach or trainer. Like your personal fitness, when it comes time to elevate your space in the most masterful way, the knowledge, experience, and understanding of concepts held by an Interior Decorator will get you there in a more focused, efficient and professional way! Here are the ABCD's of why working with an Interior Designer is the way to go!

A – Acknowledge your overall plan

Interior Decorators specialize in “tying everything together”. They are skilled at evaluating the items you already have, understanding the style theme you want or have and then adding or editing pieces to strengthen your style while honouring how you function and live your life. The result? The cohesive functional style of YOUR dreams!

B – Be Budget Savvy

Spending money willy-nilly over multiple trips to the store for items that don’t work is frustrating and costly. An Interior Decorator saves you money by honing your style and needs. They create a master plan for you so you’re spending intentionally on items that fit your space and will give you the most bang for the buck. Gas is too costly and your time too short to risk purchases that don’t help or may even hurt your interior vision. Let an Interior Decorator create a budget maximizing plan for you.

C – Change is hard

Maybe you are afraid of colour, or you've known what you want in your space, but don't know how to achieve it. Take heart in the experience and knowledge of your Interior Decorator. By working with you to gain confidence in combining colours, patterns, textures, and proportions; a good relationship with your Interior Decorator can help you and your home reach potential you didn’t know existed!

D – Your overall Design

An Interior Decorator will design a theme to your individual needs and lifestyle. The result? Your space can be reflective of the most current design trends, but it will also be a reflection of YOU. Love Chandeliers? Love dark colours or dark walls? Your decorator will ensure you execute these applications successfully. All with the goal of unifying your overall design, assisting you through change, minding your time and budget and keeping your project on a plan.

Additionally, with in-depth knowledge of décor, your Interior Decorator will help you deepen and refine your design in unexpected ways that will take your room beyond the basics of furniture, rug and a piece of art.

Would you work with an Interior Decorator? Let us know if the comments! Here is Kelly's website if you would like to learn more!