how to style your sofa

When Winnipeg-based digital creator Allison and her husband bought their first home, one of their priorities was to decorate it in a style that was uniquely their own. Alison, known as @mombossofboys to her Instagram followers, wanted to keep the look fresh and fun, so she decided to change up her look with the seasons. One of the easiest ways to do this, she found, was to style her sofa.
Your sofa is usually the largest and most used and enjoyed piece of furniture in the room, so it makes sense to pay it some extra attention. Allison’s sofa is the customizable Melbourne sectional, which on its own is an inviting place to sit. Styled with her special touch, though, it’s undeniably irresistible.
Lucky for us, the busy mom of three was happy to share her tips and tricks to help you style your own sofa seasonally throughout the year. Or, if seasonal decorating is not your thing, to create a consistent look that is true to you and your home.


Five Tips to Style Your Sofa

1. Start by layering throw pillows and blankets.
Layering is key with styling. Consider this when deciding how many throw pillows and blankets you'd like to add to your sofa; you can have one, you can have none, and you can have them all. You get to decide how many are right for you.

I always say you can never have too many pillows, and my space always has at least 5–7 at any given time. Not only are they practical for my family and how often we lounge around, but they add a distinct style to our sofa and make it look warm and welcoming.

The best part is, not only do pillows and blankets to create comfort, but they can also absorb sound if you have a lot of space, bring in warmth (figuratively and literally), and add personality and style to the room.

2. Use Texture to add dimension and interest.
Texture adds another element into your space and allows you to keep your room both interesting and cozy. I typically choose a variety of different textures with my throw pillows and blankets to create a space where you want to touch and feel your furniture. You want to touch your sofa, that's what it's there for—to be sat in, to be laid on, to be felt.

I swear, there's nothing more inviting than a plush pillow waiting to be cuddled up with on your favourite movie night and I can tell you my sofa is one of the comfiest spaces in my home. Some days, my sofa is even comfier than my bed!

Our current sofa line-up includes two plush pillows, two down-filled pillows, and one with a woven pattern. They are all very different to lay on and all have a different feeling when touched.

3. Add a pop of colour.
I love a good pop of colour. If you cannot commit to a bright green sofa even though you love the colour, don't fret—add a pillow! A lime green pillow is not as great of a commitment, but still lets you enjoy a punchy pop of colour. In the fall, I always add a burnt orange pillow to give me all the cozy fall vibes.

4. Mix sizes and shapes.
Have you ever heard of someone as passionate about pillows as me? Until I wrote this, I really didn't think of my process or fully grasp my love for pillows. I love all types of pillows—big pillows, little pillows, squares, circles, and rectangles.

To keep the look interesting and balanced, size and shape is everything. It's important to make sure your pillows aren't all one size. Try to have a mix of larger and smaller pillows, as well as a variety of shapes. Layering with shapes creates another dimension of interest in your space. I like to layer various sizes of square pillows, round pillows, and rectangular lumbar pillows. Like I said, you can never have too many pillows.

5. Rotate your pillows to keep it fresh.
I make it a point to freshen up my space each season. Not only to add seasonal pillows, but with three active boys, it’s a necessity—the pillows really get a beating. With all the cuddling, squishing, and pillow fights, the down-filled pillows lose feathers, the cream/white pillows get stained by orange-chip-stained hands, and eventually the pillows lose their volume.

At the heart of my rotation, I like to always have a core set of pillows that are neutral and suit any season. In the spring, I might add one that has more of a bright and dainty feel. My woven pillow, for example, reminds me of macramé, which makes me think of new plants, and greenery—perfect for summer.

As I mentioned, in the fall I add a burnt orange pillow to warm up the space, and in the winter, I add a dark fuzzy pillow that reminds me of a wolf. The holidays also give you a great excuse to add a pillow with a fun motif or message—at Christmas, I bought a neutral lumbar pillow that says "Merry and Bright"—as if we need a reason to add another pillow!

I hope these tips have helped you think of new and interesting ways to style your sofa! Styling my sofa has given me the inspiration to make my whole space interesting and new every season. Staying at home has been hard during lockdown, but small changes of scenery, even if it's just with simple décor, has certainly helped lift our spirits.

~ Allison, @mombossofboys

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