How to Style Your Bookshelf

How To Style Your Bookshelf
Get #Shelfie ready! In addition to their functionality, bookshelves add colour and life to your space. Take your bookcase styling game from average to amazing with our easy tips.

Find a Bookcase that Matches Your Style
The first thing you need to find for your masterpiece is the right canvas. There are lots of different styles of bookcases to choose from – like modern farmhouse, classic, or industrial – and while they all do the same job, the subtle differences in colour and material really change the tone of your space.  

Start with Books
Not to state the obvious, but start your bookshelf staging with what is intended to be
stored there. Combine vertical rows of books with horizontal stacks to create interest –
and make sure you leave some empty spaces to fill with accessories and accents.
Placement is key here; make sure you vary where on the shelf you position your
groupings of books.

Play with Scale
Add some larger, taller accent pieces that will act as anchors in your display; vases and candles work wonders. Play around to figure out which pieces look good grouped together and create small vignettes. Generally speaking, you want to vary the size and shape of the objects you group together, but keep them in the same colour family to keep it cohesive. Once you’re happy with the placement of the larger pieces, incorporate smaller details for added interest. The smaller accessories can be grouped with the larger objects, or placed atop your horizontal stacks of books.

Larger pieces can be used as bookends

Use Odd Numbers
When grouping your accessories together, opt for odd numbers! Arrangements made with an even number of objects tend to lack focus and feel off-kilter. If you stick to arrangements of 1, 3, or 5, it’s easier to create balance.

Don’t Forget to Add Art
Small pieces of art positioned toward the back of the shelf add depth to your arrangement. Once you find a piece you love, try layering smaller decorative objects in front of it. And don’t forget to add in some sculptural pieces!

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