Spring Break Activities

Spring Break means plenty of time to spend with friends and family. But what do you do? With a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, your Spring Break will be a perfect balance of bonding and fun.

Outdoor Fun

Man holding an ice ball

Winter bowling
No, this is not just going to your local bowling alley to escape the outdoors - that would be taking the easy way out. This is bowling while outdoors! This activity does take some prep but it's worth it. You’ll need 6 -10 plastic bottles [the bigger they are, the easier it may be to play, especially for smaller children], some balloons and a bit of freezer space. The balloons will be used to make your bowling balls. Fill those balloons with water, as big or as small as you wish – keep in mind that the bigger the balloon, the heavier the ball – and place each balloon in a bowl in the freezer. The bowl helps keep the ball round but if you don’t mind a lumpy ball, then just place them in the freezer however you please. Once the ice balloons are officially frozen, you’re almost ready! Remove the tied part of the balloon from the ice ball so it'll roll better. You can take the balloon entirely off but make sure you have waterproof mitts so you don't get your hands wet while you play. Set up the plastic bottles somewhere on a flat surface outside the same way you would for regular bowling. You can pour some water in them to add some weight and keep them from falling so easily – that’s your choice. And now we bowl!
Snow fort
Granted Mother Nature is playing her cruel game of keeping snow around for awhile, this is the perfect time to make snow forts. The weather is just nice enough to make the snow sticky so building forts and snowmen is a piece of cake. So bundle up and make a snow fort, maybe even start a friendly snow ball fight. Try your hand at a snowman building competition. Get creative too! Make a face, add accessories, make it fun.

Indoor Fun

Pillow fortThe greatest part of being young is the ability to stretch that imagination so far that you are in a completely different world. And now you can do it again with a pillow fort – or an enchanted castle as per your imagination. Put that furniture to use and create the greatest pillow fort. Take off those cushions and make walls.  Make a roof with your throws. Don’t be afraid to borrow those dining room chairs or bedroom sheets – remember, we’re going for the ultimate in pillow forts. If you build your fort around your TV, you could watch a movie in your haven, and even sleep there.  Don't have the materials? Check out our fort building supplies below!
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Board game eveningIn the months that involve snow, you may not always want to spend that time outside. But you may also not like the idea of being cooped up inside. This just means that you need to make inside a fun place to be. Why not make that happen with a game day? Have each person pick their favourite game and take turns playing each game. Don't forget to consider multi-player video games! Wii Bowling gets people moving and spurs on a little competition. You just may need to move your coffee table out of the way. Whatever ideas you come up with, take this Spring Break as an opportunity to have a little fun and escape from everyday life!