Increase Your Home’s IQ with Smart Kitchen Appliances

Until recently, the only “cooking” you could do with your smartphone was ordering food through an app. Now, thanks to the introduction of Wi-Fi enabled, or “smart,” kitchen appliances, you can get some high-tech help with food storage, preparation, and even clean-up.

Imagine starting dinner on the way home from the rink, ordering extra ice for an impromptu gathering, or getting an alert when your fridge temperature rises above the safe zone. With smart appliances, it’s all possible!

Family baking together next to Whirlpool wall oven.

What’s so smart about smart appliances?
One of the most frequent questions we get asked about smart appliances is “what do smart appliances do differently than ‘regular’ appliances?”

Smart Home Compatible
Smart appliances connect to your home’s Wi-Fi and can be programmed or controlled remotely via an app in your smartphone or tablet. In most cases, you can also connect your smart appliance to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or your home’s smart hub.

"Alexa, preheat the oven!"
Smart kitchen appliances do all the basics like cooling, freezing, cooking, baking, and washing, but as we mentioned above, you can control them via app or, in some cases, voice control. Trust us, being able to use voice commands comes in very handy when your hands are sticky or covered in flour, and you forgot to preheat the oven or set a timer.

A Personalized Experience
In addition to having the ability to control your appliance’s key functions remotely, you’ll be able to receive alerts, troubleshoot, unlock features, and even customize your appliance. Some ovens, for example, allow you to download recipes and access them via your oven’s control pad.

Woman turning on her stoe with her smartphone app.

Will I ever actually use the smart features?
In a word—yes. Here are just a few relatable* scenarios to convince you:

Scenario #1: You’ve been delayed at work or decided to hit the gym on the way home. As soon as you get into the car, you realize you’re ravenous, but the thought of waiting for the oven to heat up to make dinner is too much.
💡 Your Smart Solution: Before pulling through the drive-thru, pull out your smartphone and preheat your oven. By the time you walk in the door, it will be at cooking temperature. Toss in a frozen pizza or tray of chicken tenders and you’ll have just enough time to change and whip up a salad before they’re ready to eat.

Scenario #2: You’ve popped a lasagna in the oven, but you have to leave the house before it finishes cooking and you’re not sure if your teenager will remember to turn it off when the timer goes.
💡 Your Smart Solution: Instead of making yourself late, take the timer with you! Your oven’s app will alert you when the cooking time is up—simply turn off the oven remotely or switch it to “keep warm” and hold your food at serving temperature until family members are ready to eat.

Scenario #3: You are outside working in the garden or relaxing in the shade on a hot summer’s day. Someone (not mentioning any names) goes into the house to grab a frozen treat and leaves the freezer door open.
💡 Your Smart Solution: There’s no need for things to get heated. Sensing that the freezer door is ajar, your fridge will send a notification to your phone, alerting you to the situation.    

Scenario #4: You’re hosting a family gathering, but while you are out running errands and shopping for the event, you realize you forgot to make extra ice for drinks.
💡 Your Smart Solution: Rather than making an inconvenient stop to buy bagged ice, keep your cool and open your app. You can connect to your smart refrigerator and order up extra ice from your freezer’s ice maker, so you have plenty on hand to for the party.

*We've all been there!

Can smart appliances save me money?
Although they may be more expensive at the outset, smart appliances have many features that can ultimately save you money.

Avoid Costly Service Calls
As you probably already know, sometimes appliances malfunction or get damaged and require service calls. Unlike traditional appliances, smart appliances allow you to identify and diagnose the problem through the app.

Most brands will even allow you to connect with a technician remotely, saving you money and the inconvenience of scheduling an in-home service call. And, in many cases, your appliance will notify you proactively before a malfunction ever occurs, so you can perform maintenance or investigate and fix an issue.

Reduce Food Waste
Smart kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, for example, can save you hundreds in wasted food by constantly monitoring the internal temperature and letting you know when the air temperature rises due to the door being left open, an obstruction, or a blackout. (Note: If Wi-Fi is lost due to a blackout, you would receive a notification once the power is restored.)

Conserve Energy and Resources
Smart appliances constantly monitor and optimize their energy usage, and allow you to customize your settings for the most energy- and time-efficient use.


Woman using smartphone while preparing food..

How can smart kitchen appliances help me in the kitchen?  
No matter your lifestyle or level of kitchen experience, there is a smart kitchen appliance that can help you do the job faster, easier, or better. Stay with us as we walk you through some of the most useful features of smart kitchen appliances, and how to get the most out of your smart refrigerator, range, and dishwasher.

Keep in mind, not every model will have the same smart features, so it’s always a good idea to do a little research and ask plenty of questions before deciding on a smart appliance.

LG French Door Fridge with ThinQ app.

Smart Refrigerators: A New Level of Cool
Features will vary by brand, but using LG Wi-Fi enabled refrigerators as an example, here are some ways you can use your smart fridge to keep your food perfectly preserved and market fresh:

  • Control the refrigerator and freezer temperatures from virtually anywhere.
  • Turn on vacation mode to save energy while you’re away from home for an extended time. If you forget—don't worry—you can enable the feature right from your beach chair.
  • Receive pop-up notifications on your phone when the doors are left open or when your water filter needs replacing.
  • Activate the IcePlus™ feature to make extra ice for a dinner party or to pack a cooler for a picnic.
  • Connect with the service centre to troubleshoot problems and minimize service calls.

Pictured above: LG Stainless Steel French Door Fridge 

Whirlpool Gas Range with smartphone app.

Smart Ranges and Ovens: The Hottest Thing In Cooking
This time, using Whirlpool’s Wi-fi enabled range, let’s look at some ways smart features can make food preparation easier and more fun.

  • Use with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices to control your oven, hands-free.
  • Need to turn the oven on or off but you're holding a sleeping baby? There's an app for that! Start, stop, and change oven temperatures from virtually anywhere.
  • Preheat your oven remotely—from the car, backyard, or even the next room.
  • Use presets to take the guesswork out of cooking and baking. AI helps the oven learn and adapt.
  • Don’t be afraid to venture out of earshot. You can keep your oven timer with you wherever you go.
  • Feeling forgetful? You can check to see if your oven is off without returning to the kitchen.

Pictured above: Whirlpool Stainless Steel Gas Range 

LG Stainless Steel Dishwasher with ThinQ app.

Smart Dishwashers: An Idea that Really Shines
While Wi-fi enabled dishwashers can’t help with loading and unloading, they can help you take control of your wash cycles to get your perfect clean. Again, let’s look at how LG uses smart technology to give you a hand with your dishes.

  • Personalize your dishwasher's settings to suit your lifestyle.
  • Download new wash cycles for specialized loads, like pots and pans or delicate crystal.
  • Start your dishwasher from virtually anywhere, so dishes are clean when you need them.
  • Check the progress of your dishes from anywhere and see the time remaining in the cycle.
  • Get helpful tips and reminders, such as “add rinse agent.”

Pictured above: LG Stainless Steel Dishwasher


Make a Smart Decision
Whether you are a seasoned home cook, a budding master chef, or get by on frozen pizza, smart kitchen appliances can help make your time in—and out—of the kitchen a pleasure.

Discover our full range of Wi-Fi connected appliances online or visit our in-store appliance experts today to learn more and find the right set for you.

Pro Tip: Book an appointment at your local store for a relaxed, no-pressure shopping experience with a dedicated sales professional.


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