Smart Appliances: What they can do!

Smart Appliances can seem intimidating, but they make such a difference in your life! Some appliances can link to your Google Assistant so you can control your them with voice commands! All brands are different but here are some cool things some Smart Appliances can do!

Connecting is Easy

Just open the app, add your appliance and follow the guided experience to get up and running quickly.

Scan-to-Cook Technology

Never worry about under or overcooking again! Just scan your frozen food barcode with your smartphone and recommended cooking instructions will go straight to your oven! No thinking involved!

Multi-Step Cooking

Don’t worry about confusing cooking instructions with temperature changes. Send multiple cooking instructions from your smartphone or tablet to the oven all at once! The temperature automatically adjusts based on the recipe you enter without having to monitor your meal.

Specialty and Customized Cycles

You can choose the specialty cycle that's best for your load for optimal cleaning. Plus, you can create and save your own unique cycle to wash exactly the way you want, and then download the cycle directly to your dishwasher!

Amazon Replenishment

Automatically order dishwashing supplies when you're running low through your app. This feature estimates the amount of supplies remaining and targets the right time to order necessities like detergent so you never have to worry about going low.


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