Small Spaces

Small space dwellers shouldn’t need to compromise their needs, wants, and taste to create a functional living space! By making the most of every square inch, you can easily turn your living quarters from cramped to cozy. The key? Choosing furniture that does more, like the Dexter and Gianluca media sleepers! Check out the features and some small-space tips below.

Dexter sleeper sofa chaise

Making the most of every inch of space goes a long way. The Dexter and the Gianluca have storage hidden under the chaise, which means less clutter clogging up your space. It’s the perfect spot to tuck away extra blankets, pillows, and other space-sucks; this especially comes in handy in a living room, where you’re trying to find the right balance between comfort and looking put together. The added bonus? Keeping the clutter at bay opens up your room and makes it feel bigger than it is.

Stop letting your outlets dictate where you place your furniture! Both the Dexter and the Gianluca have a handy USB plug on the outside of the armrest, which means you can breathe easy knowing your phone will always be charged without having to do yoga to reach the plug tucked away behind the entertainment unit.

Sofa bed with USB plug
Gianluca sleeper sectional chaise


Whether you live in a studio apartment and need this bed for yourself or you host overnight guests often, the pull-out bed on our media sleepers will definitely come in handy. Instead of folding up and creating uncomfortable lumps and bumps, the bed portion of the Dexter and Gianluca rolls out from under the sectional.

Pull-out sofa bed

In a smaller living room, it’s tempting to opt for smaller furniture because you’re afraid to overwhelm the space with too-large pieces. However, selecting a larger sectional that hugs the walls not only creates ample seating for guests, it also helps make the room feel warm and inviting. Plus, filling a small room with lots of small furniture can actually make the room look smaller – instead, edit down your furniture needs to a few large, multi-functional pieces.

If you can’t build out, build up! Tall bookcases and shelves help you use more space for storage. Plus, an attractive wall shelf can also serve as a decorative display in lieu of expensive artwork.

A really simple small space tip is to open up floor space by creating floating fixtures. Instead of selecting a media console that sits right on the floor, opt for one that hangs off the wall! The space underneath the console makes the room appear larger, and you can use the space as extra storage if you’re in a bind. Shop our media sleepers here: