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Meet Gabriella—the face and inspiration behind the brand @DesignOnHerMind

Gabriella started her Instagram account shortly after her and her husband moved into their first home, an 800 square foot fixer upper. While she always had an interest in interior design it wasn’t until she won a spot in an interior design program that things really started to take off and she began to pursue her passion in design and styling. 

Today, Gabriella uses her platform to inspire others as they create and make their homes. She specifically loves supporting Canadian companies by sharing them in her content, particularly those that are in her community. “My Instagram account gives me an amazing opportunity to work with local businesses and promote them on a larger scale. I love to work with and support local brands by sharing how you can style or use their products in the home” Throughout it all, she has been able to turn her design and decor passion into exciting projects she now shares with her followers, support local and Canadian businesses, and build a brand. 

This is what lead her to us. 

Living room decorated in neutral tones.

Gabriella’s #DufresneStyle
Blogger, content creator, and interior decorator, Gabriella Lelond recently gave her living room a sophisticated and cozy refresh, that we were lucky enough to be a part of! 

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If you follow Gabriella on Instagram, you know exactly what she is talking about. This decorator’s Instagram feed is loaded with home design inspiration, DIY projects, and style and plant tips. 

Deep blue chaise beside a geometric rug.

Before diving into her living room refresh, it was important for Gabriella to create a space that was both stylish and functional for her family. She had a few key things in mind mind that she wanted to include when planning her living room refresh:

  • Functional storage
  • Low profile, modern sectional
  • A neutral palette with lots of texture

When it came time to make some decisions, Gabriella decided to go with a custom sofa option, and went with the Melbourne sectional. “A cream coloured sectional has been on my must-have list for years. I knew I wanted to create a cozy neutral space with pops of colour, texture and pattern throughout." The flexibility to choose the shape, orientation, and colour was essential to get the look and feel she wanted to convey in her new living room. 

Gabriella built the rest of her living room from her sectional. She started to look for some accent pieces that would add the texture, colours, and patterns she was going for. Her first statement piece was an easy one— the Kerrings Cabinet.

The contemporary design paired with a bold pattern checked all the boxes and allows her to keep items stowed away and minimize clutter. Along with the Lane rug, the Chevron Pouf, the Liviah Pillow. To pull the space together exactly how she envisioned, she created a mood board to visualize it. Gabriella also encourages measuring each any new piece of furniture more than once to ensure it'll fit in your space how you want it to. Gabriella was able to create a space better then she had hoped for - a cozy, neutral space beautifully decorated with soft pops of colour, pattern, and texture. But it didn’t come without its own challenges. 

“The room alone is challenging for me as it is our front entryway and our living room all in one. . I knew I wanted to separate the two by finding the appropriate furniture while also keeping them cohesive." She explained. “The reason I chose a sectional was to section off the room and create two functional spaces within one.

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