Scandinavian Inspired

Scandinavian style, with its signature minimalism and functional design, has been creeping into North American homes for years and now, we’re excited to present our take on the trend! Scandinavian design focuses on the inhabitants of a space—­it’s all about creating an inviting atmosphere and seamless experience.

Here’s what sort of Scandinavian-inspired features you can find in home furniture:

Storage as decor
The Scandinavian style is driven by that seamless blend of functionality and design, so many of our pieces double as decor and storage. In many bedroom sets and entertainment units, you can find hidden drawers that are disguised as sleek wood paneling.

Many products, such as chairs and nightstands, are also equipped with charging capabilities, so you don’t have to fumble around for your phone charger.

Refined hues
Beautiful slates with white or black accents work wonderfully in this style. The muted hues make designing a monochromatic, sophisticated space a breeze and the light colour palette aligns with the Scandinavian preference for bright, airy spaces.

Simple pieces with impactful architecture
Sculptural pieces help add interest to your space. Opt for modern and dramatic designs to add a fierce flair to your space. Layer in metallic home accessories with natural wooden pieces to tie the space beautifully.

Customizable Pieces
Each piece is designed to work for you and work with your space. Customizable features work very well, as you can cater them to suit your home and needs. Look for expandable dining tables, or removable cabinet doors to fit your style and taste!

Flexible for small spaces
In this lifestyle, one uses every inch of storage space. Hidden drawers in the nightstand are a great option for those with limited closet space, and small ottomans can also double as an additional storage compartment.