Scandinavian Inspired

Scandinavian style, with its signature minimalism and functional design, has been creeping into North American homes for years and now, we’re excited to present our take on the trend with our Amsterdam Collection! Scandinavian design focuses on the inhabitants of a space – it’s all about creating an inviting atmosphere and seamless experience.

Here’s what sort of Scandinavian-inspired features you can find in our new line:


Our Amsterdam Collection is driven by that seamless blend of functionality and style, so our pieces double as decor and storage. In our bedroom set and entertainment unit, you can find hidden drawers that are disguised as sleek wood panelling.

Our nightstands are also equipped with charging pads, so you don’t have to fumble around for your phone charger.



Our Amsterdam Collection uses every inch of storage space. Hidden drawers in the
nightstand are a great option for those with limited closet space, and the entertainment unit
can expand to turn any dead space into additional storage.

Don’t have room for two nightstands in your space? The Amsterdam headboard slides over to perfectly align with a single nightstand, while being flush to the wall.

All of the pieces in this collection are a beautiful slate colour with white accents that will interact beautifully with natural light entering the space. The muted hues make designing a monochromatic, sophisticated space a breeze and the light colour palette aligns with the Scandinavian preference for bright, airy spaces.

Sculptural pieces help add interest to your space. For example, our high-impact headboard is designed to be oversized – it will hang over your nightstands to add a touch of grandeur and drama to your bedroom.

Each piece is designed to work for you and work with your space. The TV stand, for example, is designed with a unique expandable base. This feature can be used to accommodate the biggest screens, or can be made into a desk or used for extra storage in smaller spaces.

The headboard gives nighttime readers the option to add two flexible reading lights with USB ports, and you can also upgrade your bedroom set to include additional storage.

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