Refresh Your Guest Room for the Holiday Season

Guest bedroom featuring the Altyra bed.

There is no better feeling than enjoying breakfast with extended family and friends after a night of fun in your own home. Whether fuelled by a wine-infused game of charades or a reunion with far-away family, having extra space in your home to host loved ones is a luxury.

While customizing your entertainment spaces may take priority, creating a refuge for family and friends during the holiday season doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Continue reading for simple tips and tricks on the best way to improve your guest’s stay during the holidays.

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Invest in a Good Night’s Sleep
Let’s face it – there is nothing worse than waking up on the wrong side of the bed. If you’ve ever slept on your friend’s spare futon or laid your head to rest on your aunt’s tiny loveseat, you probably know the pain of tossing and turning until the sun comes up. Why subject your guests to the same torment?

Woman in blue pyjama set sleeping  on white bedding.

Sleep Science
While exercise and healthy eating contribute to a better night’s sleep, the most important factor in catching restful Zs is your sleep system. Dufresne’s definition of an optimal sleep system for a great night’s sleep consists of 4 parts: Mattress, Foundation, Pillow, and Mattress Cover/Protector.

If all these parameters are tailored to your sleep style, you’ll get a restful and rejuvenating sleep every night. They say to treat others the way you want to be treated—that’s no different when it comes to sleep. Invest in a suitable sleep system for your guest room and spend blissful mornings without disruption from your family and friends who woke up on the wrong side of the futon.

1. Mattress
Let’s start with the crown jewel of sleep. A mattress is not only one of the most important contributors to sound sleep but a relatively personal purchase. Each one of us sleeps completely differently than the next. If you sleep next to your significant other, you may recognize that they like to sleep on their stomach with their face buried in a pillow, or maybe they are most comfortable on their side with their cold feet gently touching your legs every time you are about to count sheep. Regardless, a mattress should be crafted with the user’s sleep needs in mind.

So, what about the guest room, a space where multiple different sleep styles clash from night to night? The correct answer is to play it safe. While we can choose the comfort level, technology, and accessories that suit our style, a guest room mattress should focus on quality and dynamic functionality.

Cost-effective: You can invest in sleep without breaking the bank. The proof is in the padding – check out our Serta 'In Real Life' Collection Tour Euro Top 10 inch Mattress. With layers of patented Serta PillowSoft Foam technology and Total Edge Support, this mattress will provide restful sleep for your family and friends for less.

Serta 'In Real Life' Euro Top Plush 10
Serta 'In Real Life' Euro Top Plush 10

Quality: The Serta Relais V Super Pillow Top Innerspring 12.5 inch Mattress presents the perfect mixture of comfort and cost. While you may find cheaper models in the same collection, this model checks all boxes for a universal great night’s sleep.

2. Foundation
Whether you prefer to keep it simple or step into the future of sleep, the options for great bed foundations are endless. Guest rooms call for simplicity but consider both sides (and the middle) to get the best product for your loved ones.

Simple: Box springs are a timeless solution to mattress elevation and added support. Cost-efficient and with little-to-no setup, box springs provide sleepers with the basic support they need for restful sleep.

Functional: Strike a balance between fashion, function, and frugality with modern solutions to sleep support. Sleep brands such as Serta, and Julian Beaudoin created a stylish hybrid between a bed frame and a box spring. Add extra storage under your bed, save on bed frames and add style to your guest room look with platform bases.

Future forward: With the revolution of motion-controlled lifestyle bases, the future of mattress support officially entered the chat. The ease and luxury of lifestyle bases have enticed sleepers everywhere and for good reason. Not only does the base add customizability to your bedroom but also has health benefits. Elevating your feet and head during sleep can help blood flow evenly throughout your body, bringing a more restful slumber and added health benefits that homeowners can’t ignore.

3. Pillow
Just as your mattress should complement your sleep style, so should your pillows. This can create the same issue mattress shopping presents when trying to identify a model that suits everyone’s needs. The same advice remains—play it safe and focus on universal functionality.

Often slept on (pun fully intended), pillows are a crucial factor for restful sleep. With sleep position, and mattress firmness playing a role in the decision-making process, the best way to find pillows for your guest room is to diversify the selection on the bed. Select three pillows at various heights and levels of plushness/firmness for ultimate flexibility. Check out the “select style” section on pillow product pages to find pillow heights specifically tailored to different sleep styles.

4. Mattress Cover
I know what you’re thinking, here they go with the warranty/protection conversation—but hear me out. The guest bedroom may be the most important room to protect from accidents or wear and tear. With a carousel of family and friends using the bed to rest after a long day (or night) of fun, the chance of unfortunate disaster is at an all-time high. Why not add a little more comfort and a little less worry? That’s a rhetorical question. Add a mattress cover or protector and save yourself from potential sadness during the holiday season.

Guest Room Essentials

Now that sleep is settled, find everything you need to fill your guest’s space with the essentials they need to live comfortably.

Large Furniture

Dressers: Guest rooms are usually a quick stay for the holidays or refuge for friends after a night out, but what happens if you have far-away family asking for an extended stay? Basic storage is a simple solution to a situation that happens from time to time. Add a dresser to your guest room and improve the functionality of your guest’s space while adding another place to store the clothes that won’t fit in your closet.

Mirrors: An easy way to improve your guest’s experience is by adding furniture that helps them look and feel their best. Consider adding a full-length mirror for optimal outfit checks and Instagram pictures. If a full-length mirror isn’t in the budget, browse our dresser mirrors for less.

Nightstands: Give your guests a place to lay their phone, wallet, and water during the festive fun. The nightstand plays a vital role in a comfortable stay in a new space. Keep it simple and match your nightstand with your dresser design.

Guest Room Home Accents & Décor

Finally, it’s time to decorate. Whether it’s area rugs or wall art, a warm and inviting tone is best for a guest space. Customize your space with cost-effective pieces that add to the ambiance of the room.

Area Rugs: Stick to simple patterns with colours that add life to the room. Consider adding area rugs with soft or relaxing textures.

Lighting: Sometimes your guests aren’t ready to go to bed. Invest in a lamp that gives them the ability to read a book, relax on their phone or enjoy some quality time to themselves. For ultimate flexibility, add a floor lamp to your guest room.

Wall Art: The final touch in any room is the perfect wall art. Play it safe or let your creativity shine, the choice is up to you. Browse our selection of wall art and home décor for guest room inspiration.

Enjoy Great Company
Now that you’ve created a functional space for your family and friends, it’s time to start planning your holiday party. If you’re looking for holiday decorating tips or how to create the ultimate home theatre, check out our other blog posts!

Let's Take This to the Next Level
We hope we’ve inspired you to refresh your guest room just in time for the holiday season. Discover our full selection of bedroom furniture and sleep options online or visit our in-store furniture experts today. They can even help you find the perfect mattress for your space! Book an appointment at your local store for a relaxed, no-pressure shopping experience today.

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