Prep Your Home For Winter Checklist

Winter is one of those things that we know is going to come back every year whether we want it to or not.

Although the sparkling snow can be serene, and the outdoor activities are fun – there are certain precautionary measures you should take to ensure your home is taken care of for the season.

Follow our handy checklist below to get your home ready for the blustery weather!

Winter Checklist

  1. Inspect your roof for curled shingles
  2. Remove debris from gutters
  3. Remove snow as quickly as possible from your roof with a roof rake
  4. Remove snow and ice from external vents
  5. Replace furnace filters
  6. Check fireplace for soot
  7. Shovel snow away from house foundation
  8. Brush snow off of tree branches
  9. Have your fireplace cleaned
  10. Check/repair caulking around windows and doors
  11. Check/repair weather stripping on windows and doors
  12. Inspect exterior walls for cracks in the paint surface
  13. Clean all patio furniture. Store away or cover for season
  14. Clean and cover the BBQ
  15. Test and change batteries in smoke and carbon dioxide detectors
  16. Change the direction of ceiling fans
  17. Have a fire escape plan
  18. Put together a winter survival kit in case of a power outage

There are a lot of things that can be done to prep your home in addition to the items listed above. What other measures do you take to ensure your home is in tip-top shape for the winter season? Let us know in the comments!