One Machine to Do It All: Washer and Dryer

Put this at the top of that Christmas list because, trust us, you want one of these babies! This super cool piece of technology comes from LG and will change your life! Never forget about wet clothes again with this super cool All-in-One LG Wash/Dry Combo!

This washer can both wash and dry! What?! We know! No more setting alarms so you don’t forget to transfer your laundry, or forgetting to move your wet clothes to the dryer and having to rewash because they are got kinda smelly! You can put all your clothes in this wash/dry combo and forget it!

The LG SenseClean System means you don't have to guess at wash times. SenseClean will set the water level and wash time based on the weight and size of each load! 

If you are struggling to adult, constantly forgetting your laundry, or just trying to save all the precious minutes you can, a wash/dry combo machine is something you need!

Are you looking at a wash/dry combo machine? What do you think of it? Let us know!