Moving Guide: Plan Your Dream Space on a Budget

Moving Guide: Plan Your Dream Space on a Budget

Hot take: moving day shouldn’t be hectic and stressful.

Yes, having to coordinate friends and family to arrive on the same day (and in a decent mood) can be a tall task, but the agony of a few sore backs and frustrating phone calls pales in comparison to the joy and excitement of embarking on a journey in a brand-new space. 

From exploring a new neighbourhood to discovering a talent for interior design, switching homes presents new opportunities and a fresh perspective. Here is a comprehensive moving guide to help you find all the furniture essentials you need to thrive in your new space.

Make A Moving Checklist

Creating an inventory of your furniture and décor is the universal first step in planning a successful move. Take a walk through your current home and make a list of all the furniture, appliances and décor you can take with you to your next place.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t leave anything off the list—not even the weird art your aunt gifted you. The list serves as a base for the rest of your planning, so by having an all-encompassing inventory, you can be sure your planning starts the right way.
  • Add dimensions to the list for large furniture such as sectionals, sofas, and entertainment consoles.
  • Note the item’s colours and patterns. When you decide what to keep and what to cut, you’ll be able to match styles and colour palettes without hassle.
  • Start creating the list early—the earlier you start, the more comprehensive and helpful your list will become. Trust me, the more detail, the better.

Find a Floor Plan

While not 100% necessary, having a copy of the room dimensions and floor layout of your new space can make planning the move and home design so much easier. Whether you want to plot your living room furniture or decide what size bed to bring into your bedroom, referencing a floor plan can eliminate the risk of choosing furniture that won't fit your space or layout style.

Floor plans are more accessible than you think. If you’re moving into an apartment or condo, the point of contact will usually provide you with a comprehensive package that includes a floor plan with room dimensions and layout.

Homeowners might have a harder time finding their floor plans. Start by asking your real estate agent, local records office, or the contractor who built the house. If those avenues don’t prove helpful, create a basic outline of your home on your own. It could be something as easy as a list of room dimensions or a rough sketch of the layout of each room.

Qualify Your Furniture

Using the floor plan or dimension list as a reference, start sorting your furniture list into yes, no or maybe sections. The best way to do this is by using coloured highlighters to identify each section: green for yes, orange for no and yellow for maybe.

Here are questions to consider:

  •         Can this item fit into this room?
  •         How does this item fit into the flow of my home?
  •         Does this item match my style vision for the room?
  •         Is the quality of this item up to par with the rest of my furniture?

The answers to these questions should point you closer to a definitive section. Use the Maybe section as an opportunity to skip the item and come back to it later.

Create a Wish List

With warm weather on the horizon, there is a good chance you want to start welcoming family and friends to check out your new place as soon as possible. Smart planning will help your home feel move-in-ready in no time.

Now that you have identified the furniture you’re going to bring to your new home, the fun begins. Create a list of items you need with two categories:

  1. Essential: these items are must-haves as soon as you move in. Typically large furniture, examples include mattresses, sofas or sectionals, dining tables, chairs, and dressers.
  2. Aspirational: These are items you can live without but would like to integrate in the near future. Examples include recliners, accent chairs, electronics, décor and outdoor furniture.

By identifying which furniture is a high priority, you can ensure you have the foundational layout of each room covered and start inviting friends and family over earlier.

Identify Budget Options

The next step is looking for furniture that can fill these categories. The best way to easily identify items that suit your style is to choose three different options:

1. One item in your budget

2. One item balancing style and budget

3. Your dream item regardless of price

You may not be able to change your furniture budget, but you can change how you spread it out. Let’s say you would love a great entertainment space but you don’t see a need for stylish bedroom storage. You could spend less on a dresser and use the remaining balance to buy a higher-priced sectional. By identifying three options, you can spread out your budget and satisfy all your style needs.

Order Furniture Early

The move-in date always comes faster than you think. The best way to avoid adding extra stress to a hectic day is to order new furniture early but organize the drop-off date to arrive 2-7 days after you move in your old furniture. With more time to unpack boxes and organize each room, you will have better accessibility to integrate the new furniture into your layout. Plus, you avoid having to fit more furniture into a truck or van on move-in day!

Add Your Personal Touch!

Now that you have all the essential furniture in your new space, it is time to add all the special touches that make your house a home.

Whether you’ve dreamt of adding a full-body mirror to your living room or accessorizing the front foyer, you can find great décor options at Dufresne!

Make Move-In Day Easy

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