#DufresneStyle: @ModernlyMatched

We were thrilled to join forces with lifestyle blogger and mom extraordinaire

@ModernlyMatched to help furnish her newly redone living room! Tranda is very passionate about  healthy living, so designing a living room that put her family’s health first was a priority.

“My strategy focused on creating a healthy home, and creating an environment that allows my family to thrive so that every day can be our best and most productive,” she said. “Redesigning the space was more about opening it up and building a healthy home.” 

For Tranda, this meant a couple of things. First, her living room needed to have open floor space for her children to play and for her to workout during the winter. Secondly, she chose to shift her TV from being the focal point of her space to being more on the periphery where it didn’t intrude on family time.

“Shifting the TV was really a conscious choice to build a healthier environment for my children and our family, and really have that connection time without the TV being the main focus,”

She also leaned on biophilic principles in the concept of her redesign, playing off of the rejuvenating connection between humans and nature.

“I very specifically chose elements and colours that create a feeling of ease – and then added smaller accents of colour to give a bit of a pop. I also thought it was very important to have natural elements, like wood, because I feel like that connection to nature creates happiness and an optimal living experience.”

Tranda originally wanted to include a matching sofa and loveseat in her living room, but after using our ​room planning tool​, she found out it wasn’t the best solution for her really elongated living room and opted for a sectional instead.

The process of choosing furniture for the space started with selecting the sectional – and Tranda had some specific requirements:

  Clean lines
  Adaptable to her hard-to-work-with space
  Neutral colour that she could pair with accents
  Enough seating for her family of five

After looking at their list of must-haves, Tranda and her family decided that the ​My Custom​ Alessandra sectional was the way to go.


Tranda’s best advice for anyone looking for a living room refresh? Don’t be afraid to go custom! 

“Designing a custom sofa does not have to be an overwhelming experience. It’s really nice to walk into a store like Dufresne where you’re given chair options, and you pick which one you’re most drawn to,“ she said.

Choosing the custom route is especially helpful when designing a restrictive or difficult space like Tranda’s living room – you can design something that will function perfectly in your home and with your lifestyle.

After finalizing their customized Alessandra sectional, Tranda got to work choosing the other pieces of furniture for her space, including the Stownbranner coffee table, two Benedict Poufs for extra seating, and the Precia Rug. The natural finishes of these pieces complemented her vision perfectly.

“It’s the most used room in our house and to have it be functional and pretty at the same time is possible,” Tranda said.  “I’m excited about everything!”

Colour options for Alessandra sectional

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