Mixing Design Styles

Today it is rare to see a home that is decorated in only one specific style. Most homes combine elements of different styles and eras to create appealing designs that flow throughout the entire house. Cohesively blending a wide range of pieces in different shapes, styles, textures and time periods is the secret to creating a space that both your eye and your mind will see as a complete and unified area.

First, Select a color palette. Using a common shade throughout the area you are decorating will help to create balance. Use pops of different colors throughout the space that accent the common shade to tie your design together and peak interest.

Scale is key. Select a dominant style. Perhaps you would like sleek and modern, warm and cozy or vintage and weathered to be the main component of the room. Then add hints of other styles to accent your space. The 60-30-10 rule gives you percentages to use for each style that will create flow and ensure your space is not overwhelming. Scale is also important when selecting furniture pieces. Different dining chairs that are similar in size can be paired together at a dining table, creating a very fun and eclectic eating area.

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Keep it simple. Whether it be an eccentric piece of furniture, a bold piece of art, or an ornate chandelier, it will catch interest and inspire the rest of your space. Incorporating small elements that are similar to your centerpiece will pull your design together.

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Don’t be afraid to play with different patterns and textures. Using similar colors will help to add depth and dimension to your design without clashing or becoming too overpowering. Mixing and matching accessories is a great way to infuse your own personal flair and help showcase your individuality throughout your entire home.