Mix & Match Dining

Mix & Matching Your Dining Room

Are you more modern, classic, casual, or vintage? Can’t decide? That’s okay!  That’s why we love the mix and match look.  The possibilities are quite literally endless.

The mix and match dining room approach looks great and is one of the easiest ways to pull multiple styles into your space. There are endless possibilities between picking styles, colours, sizes, textures, you name it. Our one piece of advice, plan it out carefully.

To Upholster or to Not Upholster?

Want to add a little bit of grandeur to your dining room?

A good portion of dining suites will come with an upholstered chair and side chair option. Instead of picking one or the other, opt-inn for both! Adding an upholstered chair at the ends of your dining table adds a fun contrast and a little extra flair—talk about the king and queen at the head of the table.

Keep It Cool
Mixing and matching your dining room doesn’t have to be a bold statement. Sometimes a subtle switch is all you need for an updated look. Start with your table, and find a piece you truly love. Once you know what you have to work with, work around it. Swap two of your traditional chairs for a bench, and then swap the other two for statement-makers at the heads.

Remember, no one says they all have to be part of the same dining set. Mixing and matching are made especially easy if you’re playing within the same colour scheme. White, black, metals, woods, and glass, are always a good idea on their own or mixed together.

Match with wood, mix with Style
One of the easiest ways to create a little complexity in your space is to mix up styles and shapes—while remaining consistent with material or texture. Sticking within certain wood finishes is a great way to play around with different styles without getting too wild.

Playing With Colour
An easy way to spice things up in the dining room is with a little colour. If your dining room lacks colour currently, this is your chance! If you already have a lot of colour, make sure your new accent chairs go well within your scheme. The last thing you want to do is create a look that is messy and chaotic.

Make sure you check a colour wheel to find your safe zone for colour combinations.

Table Swapping
If you’re feeling extra adventurous, mix and match side chairs, upholstered chairs, a bench, and a different table. You’d be surprised by how well different colours, textures, and styles can come together and create something great.