How to Mix and Match Your Dining Room

Are you more modern, classic, casual, or vintage? Can’t decide? That’s okay!  That’s why we love the mix and match look.  The possibilities are quite literally endless.

To Upholster or to Not Upholster?

A good portion of dining suites will come with an upholstered chair and side chair option. Instead of picking one or the other,opt-inn for both! Adding an upholstered chair at the ends of your dining table adds a fun contrast and a little extra flair. 

Keep It Cool

Mixing and matching your dining room doesn’t have to be a bold statement.  Sometimes a subtle switch is all you need for an updated look.  Take the image below for example. The dining set is complemented by different upholstered chairs.  Although they aren’t a part of the same dining set, the grey upholstery brings out the grey undertones of the table, chairs, and bench. It’s slight, but refreshing.

Table Swapping

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, mix and match side chairs, upholstered chairs, a bench, and a different table.  You’d be surprised how well different colours, textures, and styles can come together and create something great.  Take a look at our mix and match assortment below.  You’ll see how the distressed whitewash of the table complements the distressed style of the chair legs of the upholstered chair – both from entirely different sets.  From there, we brought in the upholstered chairs matching side chair as well as a bench of similar colour to create the ultimate eclectic look