Not feeling minimalism? Make way for invigorating, carefree maximalism design. This trend embraces the eclectic, experiments with colour, and plays with patterns, taking everything to the max—just how we like it. When done with purpose, maximalist spaces are cohesive, comfortable, and full of personality. It’s about decorating your space with what you love in a way that works for you – resulting in an interior that feels lived in and loud.  

Here’s how to embrace the “more is more” attitude in your home: 

To keep from overwhelming your space, start with a clean slate and build it up. Keep the non-decorative clutter to a minimum by choosing furniture pieces that offer storage for items you don’t want on display – remote controls, magazines, your old slippers – so that you can highlight items that add to the aesthetic of the room. Then, slowly start adding in different colours, patterns, and sentimental decor. Building up your space with a few pieces at a time keeps things looking curated and bold, but not messy or chaotic. Starting with a simple base also allows you to change it up whenever you want. 

Layers are a great way to add interest to any room, but maximalist design turns the volume way up. Opt for different textures, colours, scales, and patterns to create luxe drama. Layer throws, cushions, and rugs – but think carefully about scale and placement! Maximalism executed to perfection doesn’t just happen; you need to play around and see what works in your space. Try starting with a few larger pieces you truly love, an accent rug, patterned throw, or any wall art or decals. Once you have your main focal points, start layering on complementary pieces. The best part of maximalism is anything goes, so play around with it. 


Decorating with colour can be a little scary – we’ve all seen pictures from the ‘70s and ‘80s and internally cringed – but it’s not as hard as you may think. As a rule of thumb, pick your main colour first and pair it with a colour that falls opposite or directly beside it on the colour wheel. Your main colours do not need to be painted on. Many maximalism design spaces have neutral, or even white walls. Starting on a blank canvas, you can add any colours you want—and switch it up often . Starting with a light base also makes the room feel bigger, even when you have it decorated to the max. Once you start injecting your space with colour, you won’t be able to stop.

A statement gallery wall is a huge part of a maximalist space, especially when you feature a variety of styles framed in different and unique ways. To start your collection, begin by simply choosing art that you connect with, not worrying about coordinating colours. Try mixing frames of different sizes and finishes, coordinating them together in a cohesive way. Your goal for a maximalist gallery wall is simply to fill the wall with pieces that you love – sounds like a fun job to us! 

The main goal of a maximalism design is cohesiveness. In order to be cohesive, try building your space slowly. This design trend can be hard to envision, especially if you’re starting from scratch. Instead of going all in right away, build up your room slowly with a few pieces here and there. This will ensure that the result is exactly what you want. Remember, nothing is permanent—even walls can be painted over. If you try something out and it’s not working, try again! 

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