LG WashTower — Laundry, reimagined

LG WashTower all-in-one laundry centre

LG is reimagining laundry with their powerful new WashTower. Not only does this stylish laundry centre take up 50% of the space of a standard washer-dryer pair, but it can also help take the guesswork out of laundry, protect your clothing, and save you valuable time.

Needless to say, with that much going for it, this is not your mother's stacked set. To help explain what sets the WashTower apart, we've narrowed it down to ten things we love about this innovative, intuitive all-in-one:

1. It has a sleek, streamlined look that looks amazing in uber-stylish black stainless steel. Perfect for situations where your laundry room shares space with the kitchen, mudroom, bathroom, or hall—you won’t want to close the door on this beauty.

The striking black stainless finish is perfectly complemented by chrome accents and tempered glass doors that are scratch-resistant to keep looking their best, even in the busiest home.

2. They had us at “space-saving.” The WashTower’s One Body design has half the footprint of a traditional side-by-side washer and dryer, meaning you can free up precious space in the laundry room or create a dedicated space for laundry where you didn’t think possible.

3. The WashTower can handle your biggest loads. Despite taking up half the floor space of a traditional laundry set, the WashTower sacrifices nothing when it comes to roominess inside. The unit’s ultra-large capacity 5.2 cu ft washer and 7.4 cu ft dryer fit more items to save you from making extra trips to the laundry room.

4. It’s easy for everyone to operate—no stepstools required to reach the dryer controls! LG’s designers really hit it out of the park on this one. By combining the washer and dryer controls into a unique, intuitive Centre Control™ panel, located right at the centre of the unit, they’ve made it easier than ever to start, stop, and select cycles without having to reach or bend. It’s an LG exclusive!

5. LG’s AI DD™ technology takes the guesswork out of laundry. By leveraging big data to recognize fabric softness, the WashTower applies the optimal washing pattern for your valuable clothes. Your clothes will emerge perfectly clean with up to 18% more fabric protection over a traditional washer.

Think of it this way—a pair of jeans and a lightweight summer dress are both cotton, but that doesn’t mean they should be treated the same. The WashTower uses its built-in AI to select the optimal wash cycle based on the weight and fabric type of each load, taking the onus off you to guess.

As well, LGs advanced Smart Pairing™ feature automatically chooses the optimal drying time and temperature based on the washer cycle to take fabric care to a whole new level.

6. Did somebody say, “fabric care”? Unlike porcelain and plastic tubs that can chip and get damaged over time, the WashTower's stainless steel tubs and lifters prevent pulling and catching. No more runs, snags, or mysterious holes in your clothing!

7. When you’re short on time, the WashTower delivers. Thanks to LG’s Turbo Wash 360° technology, five powerful jets with variable sprays provide a complete clean in under 30 minutes. And, once again, you can count on the machine’s built in AI to select the optimal wash motions for your load.

8. ThinQ® Technology + WiFi Connectivity = the ultimate laundry hack. Simply activate Smart Learner in the ThinkQ® app and the WashTower will remember your preferred settings—from wash temp to spin speed to dry level—so you don’t have to.

The ThinQ® app also expands the limits of your laundry room by allowing you to remote start or stop your washer or dryer, select a cycle, monitor energy consumption, and get notifications about when your laundry will be done, all from your smartphone.

Plus, with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility, you can do it all with simple voice commands.  

9. It removes allergens for a healthier home. The LG WashTower is certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma Society of Canada. Harnessing the intense power of steam, the Allergiene™ cycle gently but effectively removes up to 95% of common household allergens, like pet dander and dust mites, from fabrics.

Plus, you can use the dryer’s TurboSteam™ setting to safely sanitize children’s toys and decorative pillows, and refresh clothes between washes. The powerful steam quickly knocks out wrinkles and odors to get your clothing back to that "just washed" look in minutes.

10. It helps you avoid costly or time-consuming repairs. Once again, ThinQ comes to the rescue by providing proactive customer care, personalized tips, and self-diagnosis. Your connected machine will notify you when there’s a problem or requires service and, in many cases, can alert you to maintenance issues before they happen and connect you with a friendly LG expert who can arrange a service call.  


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