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We’re not about to lecture you on how many hours of sleep you should be getting a night or what happens to your body when you don’t replace your mattress, but we do think you should always enjoy your sleep. You spend a third of your life in bed, so you may as well savour it!

If you’ve been unhappy with your mattress, waking up regularly in the night, or struggling to get some shut-eye, it’s probably time to explore some new options. And now’s the right time, because we have a brand new bed-in-a-box available – the Lexi! See what sets it apart below.

Ice yarn Fabric Cover

Temperature-Regulating Ice Yarn Fabric
The Lexi is made with a revolutionary Ice Yarn material that keeps the mattress cool to the touch and helps regulate your body temperature throughout the night. That means the days of cranking the A/C all night (if you’re lucky enough to have central air), sleeping in an X on top of the sheets, and threatening your partner about coming anywhere near you in the night are over – just in time for those hot summer nights.

Gel Infused Memory Foam

Gel-Infused Memory Foam
The memory foam layer disperses your weight evenly across the mattress to help relieve pressure because let’s face it, after a certain age most of your injuries don’t come from sports anymore, they come from “sleeping funny.”

The gel in the memory foam also helps to pull heat away from your body so you can pull the blankets all the way up to your chin without breaking a sweat.

Fire resistant bed mattress

Fire Resistant
Rayon Barrier Underneath the Ice Yarn fabric, the Lexi has a Rayon barrier designed to protect your mattress and reduce flammability.

Optional Spring Base for a Higher Profile 
Like a higher profile bed? No problem. The Lexi has a spring base that can be purchased separately to customize your bed.

Lexi Spring base for a higher profile
Lexi mattress 90 night guarantee, 10 year warranty

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