Leather vs Fabric Furniture

When you’re shopping for a sofa, you’re shopping for a home staple that you expect to have around for a decent chunk of time.  It will help you decide your décor scheme, it’ll house your friends and family, and it’ll be a part of your home as a whole.  So. What type of sofa do you get – leather or fabric? Both have their advantages, but they both have their disadvantages.  Let’s check them out a bit closer.


Leather is generally cold to touch at first.  It does, however, absorb heat so it gets pretty warm, pretty fast.  On a hot day, you may find that’ll it’ll stick to your skin when you move around.


Fabric stains much easier than leather. Fabric can also absorb odors that are tougher to remove. Leather is generally stain resistant and can often be cleaned with a damp cloth – hurray for easy cleaning! However, leather is way more vulnerable to scratches.  This might be a red flag if you have pets that like to jump on or claw at the furniture.  I’m looking at you fluffy.


Leather is a bit more limited when it comes to available colours and designs. You’ll mostly find browns, greys, and some whites A fabric sofa on the other hand, lets your imagination run wild.  Paisley? Strips? Bright orange? You got it. The options for patterns and colours seem endless these days, especially when furniture stores give you the option to customize their products.  Check out Dufresne’s My Custom Program for more info on that. (hyperlink to my custom)


Typically, a leather sofa will be more expensive than a fabric sofa.  This ultimately depends on the quality of each frame and build, but if you have the same sofa side by side, one leather and one fabric, the leather will always cost more.