Leather 101

Genuine Leather Skin Symbol

Natural (Full) Leather Grain VS Corrected Leather Grain 

Natural Grain Leather is made from premium hides and retains all natural textures and markings. Most leather falls into the Corrected Leather Grain category. These leathers retain their quality, thickness, strength, and feel, but are altered for greater uniformity. Discover the beauty of natural leather, and top things to consider when shopping, on the blog.

Unique Leather =
Genuine Leather 

Genuine leather is subject to a number of markings that add to the beauty and authenticity. These markings will have varying levels of visibility based on the colour or finish of the furniture.

What is Bonded Leather? 

Bonded leather is a layered material with leather fibers and fabric at its core, and is embossed with a leather-like texture.

Leather is a timeless addition to your home that will last for many years to come. Did you know that almost all custom pieces are available to order in leather? 

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